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Dreams – hidden messages


I had a vivid dream last night that woke me up and made me question if and what was the message behind it all?

I dreamt that our house had been broken into which is a frightening thought.

Paul and I were carrying a twin each from the car, both were asleep in our arms and to get to the house we had to step over a lot of luggage and belongings strewn all over the grass and walkways  of a family who had just returned from their holiday and were unloading their car. A right mess!

Once inside the house I found the back door unlocked, the kitchen window open and found my jacket in a place I would never leave it. The bathroom window had been pushed out of the frame and on inspecting it I got glass splinters in my hand. The feeling of violation was immense and the dread of what else we would find was incredibly strong.

Funny how in a dream it’s never your ‘real’ house but you know it’s yours?

I lay awake for quite some time afterwards thinking and worrying as back in the autumn, Paul and I had put an offer on a lovely 4 bed house in Riverview Park where we’d ideally like to move to and I had the same dream of having the house broken into but nothing stolen. Strangely enough that very same day I received a call from the estate agents to say they’d put forward another like for like offer on the property from another customer which had been accepted and they were in a position to move immediately. So that house was gone and there was the meaning of my dream translated into the every day world!

So is this a repeat message? We have had an offer on a 5 bed house, again in Riverview Park since late November and so far haven’t been beaten, but it’s a lovely property and I’m sure if we don’t sell soon we will lose it.

So far (14.10) I haven’t had any such phone call so it could possibly be the fear of losing out again.

The strangest thing is, should my dream once again point to an outcome as mentioned above, I would be strangely happy that my dreams were hidden messages and at the same time devastated with the news.

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  1. romana permalink
    19/01/2010 5:32 pm

    ma veramente?

    • 21/01/2010 4:39 pm

      Veramente che? Il sogno strano, o il fatto che l’ultima volta il sogno si e’ verificato nel giorno seguente? baci M

  2. 08/03/2010 3:57 pm

    We heard yesterday that we’ve pipped at the post yet again and so that’s us back to the drawing board. No 5 bed for us.
    Maybe it’s meant to be, maybe something better will come along. I’m just tired now of playing this game

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