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Flu bug


Do you know what? I cannot remember the last time I had flu.

I class myself as a healthy human being, I eat well, I sleep the suggested amount of hours per week, I exercise and I take care of myself and on the whole I am never ill so I am quite surprised to be suffering from such an insistent bout of flu.

Is it swine flu? I have no idea…there is an NHS Swine flu site and by answering the multiple choice questions it tells you if you’ve contracted the H1N1 or not, but questions like, Have you got a sore throat (Of course I have! I’ve been coughing for three days now!) and Do you feel nauseous (Of course I do!) Aren’t really specific, they seem to account for any flu.

Certainly when you are suffering it all comes back to you – the previous bouts and how you hated the runny nose which tickled if you didn’t get your tissue to blow it quick enough and the difficulty on swallowing especially first thing.

Enough of troubling you with my ailments for today, I just needed to share it and get some sympathy as there’s nothing like a ‘Oh poor you!’  to help you with your self pity 🙂


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