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Full M.O.T please


I passed the big 40 base line a few years back and have noticed recently that any twinge or difference I feel in my body I can propel completely out of proportion in my mind.

For example, shortly after Christmas this year as I was towelling myself dry, one morning I notice the skin on the top of my foot was dry and hard. I scratched at it, rubbed it and quickly checked the lower leg only to find other dry patches. Shock horror. Could this be skin cancer? Gosh, there are more moles than I remember.

After all I smoked for a good 20 odd years before giving up 7 years ago and am bound to sooner or later suffer some dire consequences of my careless youthful lifestyle. Surely?

I booked up to see my GP and after a short bored gaze at my foot, he assured me it was nothing but dry skin and gave me a prescription for a rehydrating cream. I was almost disappointed in his lack of enthusiasm.

Also, I’m on the constant lookout for signs of the menopause. I know its early days but my mother had hers in her early 40’s so maybe I shall be like her.

I have had a few ‘hot’ nights in the middle of this freezing winter when I have thrown back the duvet to cool myself down or slept with on leg out of the bed. But could this be a reaction to the three glasses of wine I’d had in front of the TV earlier?

I asked my GP what I should be looking out for. His reply was – a longer cycle, a shorter cycle, headaches, no headaches, hot night sweats, spots and a myriad of other possibilities. You see no two women are alike and although you could possibly follow in your mother’s footprints, it’s not necessarily so.

So wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just have one massive M.O.T after your 40’s and carry on as normal?

photo by hugovk – flickr


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