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Gut instinct, what’s yours telling you?


Can you rely on your gut instinct to be honest with you?

I have had many feelings about people, situations or even the more banal aspects of life over the years.

For example, I knew back in 2001, when I got back with my ex husband after another separation, I knew it would be him to leave me for another woman even though at the time I had no idea where that notion came from and even told myself to stop being silly and pessimistic. I knew ‘in my bones’ I had to stay put and wait it out. As it turns out, in 2003 I discovered he was having an affair with the bar maid who worked in our hotel and he took the decision to break us up for good. My gut instinct had come true.

Again when I moved back to England, I knew Paul was my man after seeing him just once and I tried my best to avoid it coming true. I argued with myself, I told myself I wasn’t even interested in him. I’d look out of my back window into his garden and just know I’d end up living there without knowing how, why, when or any other significant detail. That was August, end of February I moved in with him!

I have no idea where these notions come from but I do know they will come true and this fact is both fascinating and at times unsettling. On many occasions I have argued with myself over a prediction telling myself to not be so absurd and yet time once again proves me ‘I’ was right.

So where does that voice come from? Why sometimes can it be heard so clearly and at others not at all?

The fact we’re selling our home is common knowledge and many a time I have sat and waited for a voice to give me an insight to the future but it hasn’t been forthcoming. I have tried guessing with myself – ‘Will I still be here next Christmas?’ The answer is clear – No, but nothing else is being given away. Which is just annoying me now as I want to know but guts don’t work on demand it seems. Yesterday I had an enormous optimistic surge – ‘We’re nearly there!’ I was smiling to myself. But we had only had one viewing this weekend and still no feedback form the agent. Was I just trying to please myself?

Sometimes I can meet a new person and take an instant dislike to them for unfathomable reason other than call it a gut reaction. It happened many many times with people my ex would meet. It happened so often that I began to think I was paranoid, jealous and slightly mad? What is wrong with me? I would ask myself but as time moved forward slowly slowly I would see in actual fact I was right. The people I had had ‘feelings’ about revealed themselves to be less loyal than they had made out. So I started to trust this instinct more and more.

I bumped into a mum I knew in the supermarket the other day, she was with her husband and children. We exchanged the usual formalities and after only seconds of talking to them I took an instant dislike to him and thought he was ‘creepy’. Now I could be getting this totally wrong, looks like a nice enough guy, polite, intelligent so where does that feeling and knowledge come from?

Is it a universal pool we can all tap into? Could it be someone we have met in a past life and as they brush our current life we get a memory budge – karma? Or maybe our guardian angel putting us on the right track every now and then?

Have you had any feelings or gut reactions that are totally inexplicable? I’d love to hear about them and get to the bottom of this mysterious knowledge.


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  1. 22/02/2010 5:10 pm

    I try to follow my gut as much as I can and do believe that we have these instincts. i have no idea where they come from or what they are though.

    When I met my husband for the first time I knew he was the one. It wasn’t a big musical flashing lights moment, it wasn’t love at first sight, it wasn’t even lust at first sight, I just knew. Can’t explain it anymore than that really. All very strange

  2. 22/02/2010 9:22 pm

    I’m learning to trust my gut more as I get older. It happened with me over the house we live in now – I saw it in the paper and drove past it to look at even though at the time we were buying somewhere else. Why was I even looking? I just knew we’d end up here…

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