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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Karen..


As it’s Guest Post day today, the invention of Erica at Little Mummy , I am hosting Karen’s post today and my post can be found here If I Could Escape. I am 100% positive you will find this post as fascinating and interesting as I did…


And, the perfect Oscar’s party goes to…



I adore going to the cinema and just love all the glitz and glamour that goes with the movie industry.
And, shallow as it may be I’ve always wanted to attend Hollywood’s biggest awards ceremony — the Oscars.

I remember the first time I ever watched them.  My mum let me stay up late and what a treat it was.  We curled up on the sofa with some cheese and crackers and a cup of tea and we didn’t take our eyes off that red carpet and all those beautiful gowns the entire time they were on.  I was hooked and have watched them nearly every year since.
One can dream and all, but a few years ago, it dawned on me that I’ll probably never actually get to sit next to George or Uma or Jeff or even Penelope at the Oscars.  I know, sad right?  So, I thought why not enjoy Hollywood’s biggest night at home with friends and family by hosting my very own festive soiree complete with food, games, decorations and prediction ballots.  You know, as in if you can’t go to the mountain then bring the mountain to you or something like that.
The first one was such a huge hit that I’ve been hosting one ever since and now I’m here to show you how to throw your very own glamorous Oscars themed party.
Preparing for the big night …

Simply put, you can prepare for the big night by going to the movies!  Make sure you and your guests have seen all or most of the main films nominated.

Invitations …
Of course, you don’t have to worry about the date as it’s already decided for you, but you do need to decide the time.  I usually start mine at 7 p.m. so we can enjoy the preview show which is actually sometimes better than the awards show itself.  I’ve been using the website Evite for a few years now to email party invitations.  They have some really great Oscars themed ones and yeah, you get to save a tree or two at the same time.  Don’t forget to ask your guests to glam it up for the evening — nothing short of lots of boas and glitter expected.
Setting the Scene …
You can go as big or small as you like with the decor.  It’s all up to you and your budget.
Personally, I like to decorate my home with some posters of the nominated movies which you can get for free at your local cinema. I roll out a real red carpet that I was able to purchase very inexpensively from the party supply store as well as some fake Oscar statues, flowers and balloons.  This year, I am planning to add a splash of sparkle by making some couch cushions with this glitzy, gold material I found on sale at the local craft shop. Be sure to dress your buffet table with crisp white and black linens and overlay with a glamorous gold runner and make sure that you have plenty of comfortable seating so everyone has a clear view of the television.
Refreshments … 

I like to theme the refreshments for the evening based on the nominated movies.  This year, along with the obligatory champagne, we’ll be having blue Avatar jello shots, gourmet appetizers courtesy of Julie and Julia served in airplane food trays from Up in the Air.
The Fun and Games …

Recreate the night and fulfill yours and your party guests’ dreams by having them walk down the red carpet as they arrive.  Be sure to have someone on hand to play Joan Rivers and interview your guests with a microphone.  Also, have someone play the paparazzi and snap photographs of your guests.
For even more party fun, I like to have an Oscars pool.  I provide each guest with a ballot for voting for their Oscar winners!  Its $5 per ballot with the pool going to the guest with the greatest number of accurate predictions.
The Swag …
Every year, my mum makes up Oscar swag bags for my guests which I give out as the party favours.  They’re always fabulous and I think she gets as much of a kick out of putting them together as we do in receiving them.  I can’t wait for this year’s.
So, with just a little preparation, an Oscars party in your very own home can be so much fun.  The excitement, the glitz, the glamour, the memories.  They are all worth it and so much more.



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  1. 05/03/2010 10:24 am

    I have had so much trouble cutting and pasting from email to WordPress – I’ve been here over an hour trying! It’s not the finish I would have preferred but I have both twins moaning at my feet for attention and they won’t let me sit and rewrite the whole lot.

    It’s brilliant, I love your post and I wish I had time to do it more justice.

    I can’t thank you enough for posting such a brilliant idea and I hope you get many comments and visits to your blog as a result.

    Viewers – the poor layout is all my fault!!!

  2. 05/03/2010 2:04 pm

    Kaz great post! It’s your sister AKA Joan Rivers here! Yep I was the one wielding the microphone all night and asking the ladies who they were wearing. You definitely put on a great party every year. Note to Karen: This year please don’t tape the red carpet to the floor so we don’t have to scrub the floor after. lol I think your hubby had goods to get that tape up all along, he just liked watching us trying to figure it all out with a little elbow grease. FUN TIMES!!!!

  3. 05/03/2010 3:55 pm

    I really want to host an Oscar’s party now! Or come to one of yours! They sound fabulous!

  4. 05/03/2010 7:41 pm

    Thanks ladies! I look forward to them every year! =)

  5. 05/03/2010 8:03 pm

    What a fantasic idea! Have a great time x

  6. 05/03/2010 8:05 pm

    oh what a wonderful idea! I love this idea, especially the swag bag 😉

  7. 05/03/2010 8:25 pm

    Thanks! Feel free to come by and party with us! I think I may have an extra one this year! =)


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