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Festa delle donne – 8 marzo


Today is one of those days that make me think of Italy even more than I usually do. Consequently I really miss the wonderful girl friends I made there.

Today is the 8th March and it was during my Italy years that I would celebrate International Women’s Day with my girl.

I learnt that this annual celebration went back  to the beginning of the 19th century when the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory caught fire killing the majority of the workers (mainly female) who had been locked into the building to avoid them taking cigarette breaks. The enormous tragedy of this day was not superseded until the 9.11.01 disaster and led to legislation requiring improved factory safety standards. (The girls told me it happened in my own country and were astounded that I knew nothing about it…girls, have a look will you – it was New York!)

Ever since, the celebration has been a way of remembering these ladies and remembering the importance of women in our society.

In Italy, it is tradition to give women small posies of mimosa and events are organised up and down the country for the women’s entertainment. Supermarkets, hairdressers, bars and restaurants all will offer their female clients a mimosa posie as she leaves. Special menus will be devised and cakes have been invented to honour of the day.

I have been out for pizzas, attended a male stripper event in a local disco ( he kept his undies on!) and spent wonderful evenings on Lake Garda in the company of my closest female friends sipping Mimosa cocktails.

It gave us a wonderful excuse to go out, leave the children with our other halves and enjoy an evening a little different from usual.

Women, in my opinion, are the backbone of our families and society. Mother’s are the ones that bring up our young and hopefully put them on the right track teaching them the importance of love and giving them the tools they will need to lead a successful life. Wives are the ones who support their husbands and keep the family home running smoothly.

I am in no way undermining the importance of the man’s jobs in the family but when I see stories like Jon Venables or the more recent Devil brothers my anger turns automatically (be it right or wrong) to their mothers…where was she? What was she doing? How could she possibly allow her boys to turn out like this?

Today’s women have evolved and manage to hold down careers, run the family home and be loving mother’s and wives and so allow me to wish you all ‘Auguri’ for this special day dedicated to us.

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  1. 08/03/2010 1:58 pm

    I don’t know the stories of the men you are referring to-guess they are not news here-each country has their own sickos.

    I do want to say is that I don’t think it is fair for mothers to be blamed for everything-sometimes even with the most loving mothers-people turn out screwed up. Maybe the mothers themselves were going through tough times. Who knows.

    Other than that point that I wanted to clarify, lovely post.

  2. 08/03/2010 2:08 pm

    No, they’re not stories of grown men but ten year old boys who have tortured till death (or almost as in the case of the devil brothers) other children their own age or younger. Jon Venables, withanother 10 year old accomplice, at the age of 10 walked a three year old away from his mother whilst she was paying in a shop, brutally tortured him and sexually abused him, then once dead, left him on a train track so when he was eventually found he was sliced in two.

    I agree mothers cannot take on ALL of the responsibilty of every mistake that happens and I’m sorry if my post seems to say that. But I cannot help wondering where were the mothers of these lads when they were growing up and how did they become so evil?

  3. 08/03/2010 2:12 pm

    Once again sometimes evil just is.

    And sometimes yes things happen because of parents’ negligence. Don’t know about these cases.

    Kids and people who are evil will find ways to carry it out even if they are being supervised.

    Don’t know really. Sad.

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