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Mari’s night in


Tonight is MY night, yeehaaaa!

Yep, the other half is out on the razzle with work mates, it’s been in the diary for weeks and has finally arrived and boy am I looking forward to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our evenings together, we play with the girls, put them to bed, eat, chat and watch something on the box cuddled up on the sofa with a glass of wine (me), a beer (him) and some chocs if there are any in the house. Bliss!

But boy do I enjoy an evening on my own.

My preparations start a few days beforehand when it pops into my mind that Friday I’m on my own, ‘Brilliant, I can spend a guilt free evening surfing the net and catching up on all the posts I haven’t yet read.’

When I shop I make sure I’ve got something nice to eat but quick to produce as I don’t want to waste my time cooking for one! Tonight I’ve gone for Chinese, and have put some wine in the fridge.

I will have the TV on in the background but won’t be looking at it, well maybe the odd glance at Comic Relief.

And you know the worse thing? Even though I will have all this me time I still won’t accomplish everything I want to do because I will get sidetracked from one blog to another or one site to another.

I will eventually turn the PC off to go to bed and think ‘Oh bloody hell! I didn’t reply to that email, check that site for tickets, pay my account, check for new property and so on and so on and so on.

But one of the things I would like to start tonight include, blowing the dust off The Book and start to rewrite it. This has been on the To Do list since January and still hasn’t been attempted. So I’m setting myself a task and a time limit as I fear without these I just won’t do it. A healthy kick up the rear end would be very persuasive.

I don’t really know why. I think editing and re writing come under the umbrella of boring, tedious work and this is why it gets pushed aside. So no more laziness, it’s got to be done.

Wish me luck and make sure the God of Writing decent stuff is round mine tonight! 🙂

How do you spend an evening on your own?


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  1. 19/03/2010 3:55 pm

    Have a wonderful evening. I get to go to bed early on a friday and have a lie in on a sat, it is a wonderful routine that I adore

  2. 19/03/2010 8:13 pm

    Ha, we sure know how to enjoy ourselves! Enjoy tomorrow morning 🙂

  3. Jean permalink
    19/03/2010 8:56 pm

    As it turns out I’ve got an evening in on my own myself. I was due to go reccy something for my birthday but at the last minute my party amigos bailed. They scored guestlist for a gig, a one-off opportunity, I would have done the same thing if it was me so nevermind, them’s the breaks. So, what do I do on an unexpected night in on my own:

    1. Finish some work to be ahead next week? Nah, it’s Friday.
    2. Finish tidying up? Nah, do that tomorrow morning.
    3. Do something creative, like that new illustration I’ve been meaning to do? That’s more like it! …

    … let me just check something first on Net-a-Porter, oh, and quickly sort out my Spotify playlists, ah, and tweet a bit, oh and wouldn’t you know it … the whole night’s passed me by 😉

    • 19/03/2010 10:05 pm

      Bang goes my evenings’ good intentions – a 40 minute phone call from Italy with best mate talking rubbish and laughing loads.
      That’s what life is all about!

  4. 20/03/2010 9:32 am

    Unfortunately for me MOST evenings I am on my own! I quite like a lot of time to myself though, but I’d love to see my boyfriend more and my friends too. My friends are mainly the “young, free and single” variety which involves drinking when I’m with them!! I’m meeting up with one on Sunday afternoon after son goes to his Dad’s for drinks and then goodness knows.

    On my own I tend to sit online quite a bit… not as much as I used to – I used to have a serious Facebook game app addiction to Farmville, CafeWorld and MafiaWars… though mainly Farmville – which I still miss despite giving them all the boot in Jan as part of my New Years Resolutions! LOL! So I have much more time than I used to now I’ve gotten shot of them.

    I’ve been reading more, something I stopped doing whilst I was at uni bar the odd “chick flick” type of rom com novel, cause I was too knackered to read anything else. I love reading… I forgot how much I did.

    But now I’ve gotten into this lovely world of Blogging, and LOVING it! I’m new to all of this, though it’s something I’ve been interested in, in a very long time. I’ve been a net-geek since I was 15, and I’m 29 later this year… boy that never gets easier to write!!

    Another thing I’m loving to do just now in me time is attempting to bake!! I do do it with the wee fella too, but it’s much less stressful to attempt things for the first time without him distracting me – and I’ll still fail a lot of the times too! Like the pancake making… couldn’t even get it out the spoon to GO in the frying pan. All good fun though!

    “Me time” is important for both couples… I know a good few couples where one of them is so clingy that the other is suffocating from lack of me time… it’s vital for a relationship in my opinion. You’re never just “a couple”… you’ll always be YOU too =)

    Hope you had a fabby night xx

  5. 25/03/2010 8:58 pm

    I’m having my own wee night in tonight, so excited by it too. Isn’t it funny/sad? He’s only away to play football but since we’re house-sitting right now the pitch is an extra 30 mins drive away – result! I had to pretty much force him to go !! I think one of my most favourite things these days is just utter peace and quiet, time on my own. Right – better skoot, more cups of tea to drink x

    • 26/03/2010 2:10 pm

      I couldn’t agree more with you, every now and then a little peace and quiet can do wonders for the spirit. Hope you had a good evening 🙂

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