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New home on the horizon


Finally we have a buyer and a house to move to in as much as they’ve accepted our offer now it’s all subject to contract ie surveys and long chains not breaking. Fingers tightly crossed everyone!

I was thinking back to how many  moves I have accomplished in my almost 44 years and I was shocked!

Born in London and bred in Brixton, we moved out to Dartford when I was a toddler and then onto Gravesend when I was in 1st year juniors (old timers will know what year that is) I stayed there until I had finished school at 17.

I then moved to Broadstairs to go to the college and after back up to London where I bumped into this awful man. I also bumped into this man who changed my life completely and off I went to Italia!

Even there, we moved from pillar to post, renting places whilst ours was being renovated. I totalled up 8 properties in 18 years. Throw in the odd separation/argument and add on another 5 dwellings.

Then as of  2004 when I returned to the UK I have totalled up another 4 homes including our current home.

22 different houses to call home in 44 years. That’s not a good statistic and I have everything crossed that our next nest will be for a long while, at least while the girls are at school but then I could win the lottery and if so, I’d move to my dream mansion and make it 23. Plus a home in Folgaria, plus a holiday home and a flat in London overlooking the Thames obviously depending how many millions I win 🙂

That’s an average of 1 house per two years!

Here’s a photo of the house we have bought, every single room in it needs working on as not to our taste or dated but I’m looking forward to the project and the fact of having a 100ft garden to play with. I want to create an allotment at the bottom to grow my own.

Fabulous news for us and now praying that all goes well with the contracts and solicitors.

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  1. 12/04/2010 3:27 pm

    Annoyingly I can’t see your picture on this computer…software must need updating but how funny, I grew up in Bexleyheath. My mum was born in Brixton. ;0)
    Good luck with the move…all so strssful moving. I’m dreading it when the time comes.

    • 13/04/2010 12:09 pm

      I packed my first box yesterday 🙂 Recipe books and muffin tins (unused so far I hasten to add!)

  2. 12/04/2010 3:41 pm

    It looks lovely 🙂 I hope you settle in it and can nest your heart out!

  3. hayley permalink
    12/04/2010 3:57 pm

    good news,looks a lovely house,paint brushes and sledge hammers at the ready!!!

    • 13/04/2010 12:10 pm

      Yes, yes yes, the sledge hammer will be a new experience too – Paul is worried!

  4. 12/04/2010 4:21 pm

    Oh how wonderful, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. 100 foot garden, even better.

    I have only ever lived in 6 houses in nearly 40 years

    • 13/04/2010 12:07 pm

      Lucky you, you don’t know how much stuff I have lost over the years and one time a whole suitcase of shoes and clothes and knick knacks. Being a student at the time it was Very Bad News. More or less my entire belongings.

  5. 12/04/2010 7:08 pm

    New place looks ok to me. Can’t believe how many times you’ve moved house As for a lotto win no luck this Sat got to be in to win it.Hope is never lost Carol

    • 13/04/2010 12:06 pm

      I’m in! I have put on the numbers I dreamed last week where I won all 6 numbers… this space 🙂

  6. 12/04/2010 7:27 pm

    Hurray! Congrats on the new house!

    Sometimes a dooer-upper can be fun I think – it’ll mean you can really make it your own 🙂


    • 13/04/2010 12:05 pm

      Absolutely! And I can blog with before and afters and ask opinions from all! I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into a project. 🙂

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