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Mummy’s little darlings – 21 months


I thought I’d use today’s post as a diary entry to follow the girls’ progress. It may be something they look back on when they’re older or that other mum’s can use as a comparison.

I wouldn’t say my girls’ are advanced in anything but that is also because I detest the parental competition that exists out there. ‘My child is already clean at night’ type of comment does nothing but make you worry that yours are slacking behind. ‘So what?’ is my reply to them, my little ones are learning every day and it’s a pleasure to watch them.

Recently we’ve been taking trips to the local park for the swings and slides and yesterday we went to ‘Go Bananas’ a soft play facility which they adored, mind you after all their climbing and sliding there I really shouldn’t have been surprised to find they’d climbed onto the dining room table when I was out of the room this morning. But I did choke on my heart in my mouth!

Yes, their walking has improved, still a tiny bit of toddle there but a lot more confident. They love their wellies and try to put them on themselves, Alice is more expert at it much to Bessie’s disdain.

Talking…’Wassat?’ Is a phase I hear from morning till night. Do you remember the ‘Wassup’ ad of the 90’s? Very similar tone to that. They know body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, tummy, legs, hands) They know animals and their noises. Nana (banana) and squeals of excitement when I enter the room with food ‘Wassat?’ Big wide eyes 🙂 and many many more words too many to list.

They eat with a spoon or fork, not all of it hits the jackpot but a good percentage and if they’re struggling they’ll revert to fingers! They eat pasta with tomato sauce – delicious but very red, daddy’s roast, carrots, peas and all fruit. They eat most food I put in front of them thank goodness. Alice adores smoked salmon and Bessie is a pasta girl through and through. They drink from a beaker with a screw top, I’m too scared to try with no tops yet, we have to move out soon and I’d like to leave the carpet relatively clean!

Their favourite toy is still the Wendy house and little figures, any figures from Peppa Pig to man and lady, dog and child. I also think they’re ready for tricycles as they love the sit and ride toys. Balls are a big favourite too.

They like books and will often bring a book over to be read or just to show me. Spot is a firm favourite, so is The Hungry Caterpillar and Dear Zoo, I think because they have the windows and the girls know the story so well. funnily enough Tommy had Spot as a toddler and when he saw it again he remembered it from his childhood! So bang goes the theory you can’t remember anything before your 4th birthday!

We have also started arguing. You know I’ve had it far too easy with them up till now, blessed with two little angels but now they both go for the same toy, or Bessie tries to steal from Alice and usually wins too. Hence, huge loud moans from both girls raising as they struggle to win the prized toy. It’s doing my head in and I have been known to shout over both of them to STOP! quickly drawing the noise to a halt.

They both anticipate daddy arriving home in the evening now. We have a routine and they know that shortly after they’re in pyjamas, daddy will come home and I’ve spotted them going over to the gate to check.

I’ve seen them watch Cbeebies and I can see they know the songs and games, they’ll shout ‘Wash your hands’ along with Katie in I can cook, waving their hands in the air. They get their ‘stars’ ready for Twinkle twinkle and often they’ll sit on the floor together and do Row row row which is so sweet to see. There’s a crocodile every time mind with an occasional lion.

Wednesdays are spent at Twin Club when we manage to make it! They love the interaction with the other children, the sing song and the art and craft sessions.

Bessie loves a bit of bling and both girls like to look at what they’re wearing.

I am having enormous fun with them and although I enjoy them growing up and learning new skills I begrudge them moving slowly away from being babies and turning into little girls. C’est la vie!

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  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse permalink
    16/04/2010 3:15 pm

    Gorgeous pictures – they are beautiful little girls, you must be so proud of them. Caroline x

  2. 16/04/2010 4:16 pm

    Awww, they’re beautiful….time goes by so quickly doesn’t it. I get sad about that….my ‘baby’ will be 3 this summer.

    • 19/04/2010 12:45 pm

      I know, and my first ‘baby’ was 22 in March. so time really does fly by.

  3. 16/04/2010 6:18 pm

    Lovely to read and gorgeous pictures! My middle child has just turned 22 months so he’s a really similar age, most of your descriptions here remind me of him too. I think it’s a lovely age as they start to come out with occasional words and take more of an interest in the world around them. Not so good when they have those toddler tantrums!

    • 19/04/2010 12:47 pm

      Bessie is the queen of tantrums. I’ve never seen anything like it. she will throw herself to the floor and cry as hard as she can. If I manage to distract her, she will stop as if nothing had ever happened!!! A little madam in the making here.

  4. ourprivateblog permalink
    16/04/2010 7:33 pm

    They are so cute!!!! ps thanks for the tag – will get onto emptying my bag (???) sometime this weekend!!!

  5. 17/04/2010 1:56 pm

    My pleasure to see and hear the little princesses progress from 120 mile away Give them both a kiss from me xx

  6. 19/04/2010 6:22 am

    Aww so lovely to catch up with your gorgeous girls! They sounds like so much fun. Kai would love to come and cause mischief with them one day.

    How much like you does Bessie look in that last photo??!


    • 19/04/2010 12:51 pm

      Others have said how Bessie looks like me! I strugle to see any similarities but I think that’s because I’m with them all the time. I can see similarities in other children though with their parents.

      Would love to meet one day, I was supposed to meet with Checca (BW, twin mum?) at Easter but sadly I had to cancel thanks to house viewings, at least we have finally sold! xx

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