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Brotherly love


Megan, me, Rosie, Billy, Tracey, Dee and Dom

I am sure that somewhere it is written that I was supposed to be an only child and in fact I ruled the roost for almost 5 years completely on my own enjoying massive Christmas bundles, and Easter eggs that stacked around the entire front room ALL FOR ME. Yes, life was sweet and then came Dee. 

That’s his nick name as he doesn’t like his ‘real’ name. I gave him that nickname but to really really annoy him I’d call him Deedle Bum. He hated it, it really worked. 

He was born just after Christmas but the moment he came home from the hospital life changed for me. I had to learn to share and I wasn’t very good at it. 

My routine didn’t change much, meal times were pretty much the same, bath time, play time and bed time all stayed the same but I would protest loudly when it was time to go upstairs, 

‘He doesn’t have to go to sleep yet!!!’ 

He’s a baby darling, mummy’s got to feed him, now come on off to bed. 

I was so not convinced. 

This boy, who could have at least been a girl, had really thrown a spanner in my shiny kingdom and I couldn’t see a way back to how I liked it. Me, me, me. 

Dee with Alice, Rosie and Billy

As the boy grew people said ‘What a lovely baby, isn’t he the cutest you ever saw?’ 

No, I am. Well I was till he came along. 

‘Isn’t he clever, look he’s nearly walking.’ 

Well I can jump and skip and run faster than he ever will. 

Poor me, I struggled to accept this little person and by the time I had eventually come round to seeing that he could actually be fun, another boy arrived! 

Where the heck did he come from? Who said anything about two??? 

Thrown back to square one but silently happy that Dee also had to take second place ‘See what I had to go through now?’ I decided to just get on with my own life. I had talked to my friends and some of them had younger siblings, most were luckier than me and had girls but I had boys and Dee had now even started at my school so people could see him. 

He wasn’t very good at cleaning his nose back then and he always had candles running that did very little for my street cred so after the initial excitement of having my little brother at my school, I dropped him for more interesting pastimes. 

I can remember one day we were all in a  rush to get out of the house and Dom, the little one, was still asleep in bed. 

‘Run up and wake the baby for me darling.’ My mother asked. I was livid, not only was he the ‘baby’ of the family even though he was now four, he had me running after him. I crept into his room and slowly made my way to the bed where I screamed in his ear… 

WAKE UP DOMINIC!!!! with all the might I could muster. 

Pleased with myself I stood back and watched as the poor child jumped for his life. I saw the fear on his face and the tears welling up in his eyes. I instantly realised I’d gone to far, I hugged him, I said sorry over and over and I tried to stop his tears and cries but mum was already at the door. 

Dom and the twins summer 08

‘You horrible girl, how would you like that if I did it to you? Get downstairs now. 

I knew I’d messed up and lost mum’s approval and frightened the living daylights out of my baby brother. Maybe he’d never speak to me again? Oh dear what a mess… 

I was an incredibly horrible sister back then. I’m sure they could tell you many more stories of just how awful I was, torn with jealousy and so very insecure of myself I took it all out on them but over the years we have grown very close and I count them as my best friends. I call on them for advice, I asked them over and over to help me raise my two older children which they did whole heartedly helping me on issues that were out of my reach but on which they had knowledge. 

I can honestly say I have the two best brothers in the world. I watch them in their own lives and wish only the best for them. True happiness. We’ve been through a lot together like sharing Dad’s death, closing down his flat and organising a funeral for such a lovely, sad man. The top photo is the day we went to sprinkle his ashes in his favourite place. And when my life collapsed they were there for me helping me every inch of the way telling me I could do it and I would do it. They are always there for me and I am eternally grateful for that and cannot thank them enough. 

We try to meet up over the year a few times and I have Megan coming over from Italy on the 7th May with baby Gracey so we’re all getting together for that and I cannot wait to have my favourite brothers back here again.

Writing workshopThis post was written for Josie’s Writing workshop. I choose prompt 4 Share some memories of a sibling or siblings 🙂 Pop over to check out the other fabulous entries

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  1. 22/04/2010 1:40 pm

    …ahh now I know why my right ear is slightly more impaired than the other!

    Right back at ya sis.

    Big kisses xxx

  2. 22/04/2010 2:19 pm

    That is so lovely. Really was.

  3. romana permalink
    22/04/2010 2:27 pm

    poor boys! 🙂 have brothers or not?! this is the problem..

  4. 23/04/2010 11:04 am

    I could share many many stories very similar to the one’s you have told. Maybe I will one day, but I’m still coming to terms with how cruel I was to my baby brother. 😦

    You have two awards waiting at mine – I’m not sure if you’ve got them – I hope not –

  5. 23/04/2010 6:06 pm

    Aww, that was really lovely to read. I have two brothers as well but they’re older than me so I have lots of tales of them tormenting me. My mum said I used to get my own back by biting them though. LOL Thanks for sharing!

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