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Scattered families across the globe


My grandmother recently handed me a typed manuscript.

She tells me it’s an account of  my great grandfather’s memoirs that he wrote in Hungarian, his mother language, whilst living on the Isle of Wight.

My grandfather inherited this work and translated it into English and my grandmother then typed it up and set it aside, job done. She may be disappointed to discover that I have packed it along with many other of our belongings in a box ready to be moved along with us soon but I am intrigued and curious as to what will become of this gift.

I wish it hadn’t been packed now as the longer I wait the more inquisitive I become! I can remember hearing stories in my teens of ancestors who committed suicide, others who lost the family wealth through gambling, another who was gay at a  time when it was not acceptable and many tales of the wealth and luxurious life they used to enjoy.

I want to read it. How many more secrets will I find? But I must wait a little longer.

Coincidently I received an email this weekend from my great-aunt Klara who lives in Budapest. She is working with my great-aunt Margaret who lives in New Zealand on an updated version of our family tree which is traced back to 1530. I have emailed the births of my ex, our two children, my grand-daughter and of course my current family – Paul and the twins.

I’m wondering if it’s significant? Is it all tied up? Could there be some serendipity in action here? My imagination going into overtime again 🙂 We won’t find out until I move but I shall certainly fill you in on Great granddad’s tale (when I find it!)

It’s got me thinking about how our family came to be scattered across the globe with uncles, aunts and cousins in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Two of my own children live in Italy which at times can feel light years away.

Thanks to email and the internet it’s easier to stay in touch but I know that as time goes on I’ll lose touch with my cousins across the globe. It’s only thanks to the older generation that we still hear what’s going on and a family tie remains but when they’re gone?

I spent a month in Hungary when I was 13 with Aunt Klara and my cousins Andi and Ocsi and we remained in touch for years. Andi and I went to each others weddings and have met a few times over the years. Her daughter Reka and Megan exchanged holidays too in their teens but thanks to work, family commitments and life we’re not in touch any more and one day it’ll be gone completely which is a shame.

Do you have family living in other countries and do you think you do enough to stay in touch?


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  1. 07/05/2010 8:47 pm

    Oh Mari, I can’t wait to hear your great grandfather’s story.. I love family history, it’s a hobby of mine.

    I’ve researched my family tree and gone as far back at the early 1700’s and it’s believed that I’m related to Evan James and James James who composed the words to the Welsh National anthem back in the 1800’s. I have yet to find out more information on this due to other commitments but it fascinated me. 🙂

    I could share loads of information but I think it’s best to wait until another day! 🙂

    I hope you get to read the story soon! 🙂

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