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22 months old…and don’t we know it!


A clingy poorly Bessie

Today we’ve reached the 22 month mark and this past month has been my hardest so far, only now can I actually respond to the question – Is it hard work? Yes, it is.

I’m exhausted and so run down my mouth is full of sores which I’m trying to heal asap with mouthwash and early nights.

The girls have found a little of their independence and are using it as much as they can. They’re having a ball.

They refuse to be spoon fed by turning their head away which has seen the spoon of food end up in their hair (Another job to add to the list – wash hair again)

They can travel up and down stairs quite easily but have decided this month to be carried everywhere. Very tiring.

Poor Alice

They are frequently interested in what their sister might be doing or playing with, so much so they go over and interrupt. As a response I get two crescending wails as they fight it out with who screams the loudest. I shamedly admit to shouting over the top of them at one point ‘Shut up!’ It’s not a habit, it was wrong and I was very very tired but it worked!!!

They have both gone right off nappy changing. But they are no where near potty training yet so another fight with each girl for every nappy change makes for hard work.

We have also just come to the end (Please God?) of a two-week stint of diarrhoea and vomiting which was very worrying and exhausting. I have had my washing machine on every single day since the first sign which means an awful lot of ironing now awaits.

This was our first experience of the D&V. Maybe we’ve just been lucky till now to not pick any up but it’s one of the worst sicknesses a small child can get in my eyes. And it seemed to drag on forever. I was under the impression that once beaten it would pass but it didn’t, Bessie started and passed to Alice then once better came down again followed by Alice giving it a second go. I have no idea where they got it from and just hope we don’t get it again any time soon.

Thank goodness their appetites are back to full charge and staying down. Now it’s for runny noses and hoarse voices in the morning (6am starts currently!) It’s no wonder I’m falling asleep by 9.30pm each night.

Their speech has come on leaps and bounds. They know many animals and their noises, cow – moo etc. They are starting to tie two words together, come here, over there, out of the way (ou way) …I must say this a little too often as I try to get past them with arms full. Alice calls Bessie ‘Bebie’ often sounding like Barbie and Bess calls Alice ‘Aice’

They love a trip to the local park and enjoy the slide we bought them for Easter. Another favourite is a tent and tunnel combo – hours of fun and finally at long last we’re starting to get the idea of puzzles, just two pieces for now and Bessie gets very frustrated if her piece won’t attach first go. Not much of a tryer.

They both love a bit of bling and I have found them some lovely necklaces from M&S on a long elastic with coloured plastic stars. I keep my eye on them though!

Books are a firm favourite and any page with a window to open or something to do is a winner.

Also ‘cougi’ – that’s colors to you and me – and paper can keep them amused for a while.

Food wise, we’ve added apple cut into pieces, strawberries. I now add a little milk to their cereal in the morning so they get used to spoon feeding liquids  but for the main part their diet is more or less like ours.

They are also aware of a daily routine, sleeping after lunch for about 2, 2.30 hours and when they’re at the table for tea around 5pm, they know daddy will be home soon and look constantly to the front door.

This next month we’re moving house and going on holiday so it will be interesting to see how they cope with those challenges.

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