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Twin Tuesday on a Wednesday


Right, the first time I am joining in the Twin Tuesday meme and I’m late but if you’re a twin mum you’ll know that that is perfectly ok and quite the norm 🙂

I found this idea a while back on Annette’s site Mamma Kerr but just haven’t got round to doing it yet so here goes with my very first QOTW (Question Of The Week for any non-English readers)

Do you buy two of everything for your twins? Or do they share certain things?

When you are expecting twins it really is quite daunting as your normal singleton baby list doubles in a flash, two cots, two car seats, a double buggy, two baby rockers and two sets of everything.

Very Expensive.

I think therefore your average sassy twin mum will automatically start to seek ways where she can double up and of course the toy box is one of her first victims.

Do we really need 2 baby walkers? No (and we haven’t the room to store two anyway.) Bang! Crossed off the list one baby walker around £40. Nice one.

I think at this point twinmum’s start to see a way forward, a cunning plan of saving money starts to develop at the back of their brains and they plod on with the winning formula wiping out willy nilly any large toy that can be shared – after all, it will be a good exercise in sharing as they grow?

But then the darling babies become toddlers and start to exercise their independence.

I saw it first – it’s mine!

Any discrepancy calls for loud squeals, the louder the squeal the stronger the twin until the desperate twin mother, takes the offending toy away and starts off a tremendous outbreak of indignation taking loud to new decibel heights.

Therefore cunning mother, thinks ‘I know how to solve this problem, we’ll buy two of those!’ and happily trots off to the shop to get another one.

Frustratingly, when satisfied twinmum sits down with a cup of tea and shows the twins their identical toys, they couldn’t give a monkey’s and have totally gone off the idea of that toy and search for something new to play with.

Twinmum’s bubble is burst yet again.

We solve this dilemma (and cut back on the amount of Nurofen making it into the shopping basket) by buying large toys to share such as the Wendy House, the slide and the trampoline but two cars to sit on and ride (we got different ones and they argue over that!) two dolls and two pushchairs, their own teddy bears and so on.

We only buy one copy of a book, and one set of bricks, Lego, puzzles. Shape sorters are shared toys too.

I was interested to see Mamma Kerr bought only one doll’s house for her girls as I was planning to do the same and if it works for them…

 So you see, it’s all a bit hit and miss, just when you think you’ve cracked it, they show you you totally missed it…again!


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