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Poem from the past


My house is now a collection of different sized boxes stacked in various rooms waiting to hear of a removal date. It just all looks so messy I can’t wait to get straight again.

I have already had to re open them once this weekend as it looks like we’ll be going on holiday before moving which back at the beginning of May our estate agent told us would be vice versa. So getting ready for our Lake Garda trip I was hunting high and low for our games, playing cards and other pastimes we like to take with us.

I still haven’t found Yahtzee, one of my favourite games and one I can win at on a good night but I did come across this, tucked in an old writing pad and reading it made me realise that I too have had a go at poetry in the past, which surprised me.

Nickie from Typecast wrote this last week which I thought was lovely but I told myself I could never create something like that so when I did read this I was quite proud of myself also because it’s not my mother language.

Se si potrebbe fermare il tempo

e rimanere in silenzio

con la pace e la serenita’.

Io vorrei che tu fosse con me

a tener la mia mano

essere al mio fianco

Cosi quando ripartisse il mondo

e ci casco di nuovo nella

frenita, saprei che per

un secondo c’eravamo assieme.

The meaning? Here’s a quick translation…

If it were possible to stop time

and remain in silence

with peace and serenity

I would like that you were there with me

to hold my hand

be by my side

So that when the world started up again

and I fall back into my frantic life I would know that for

one second we were together.

I can’t remember exactly when I wrote it and my Italian is far from perfect. But it was when Enrico and I were still a couple. From these words I can read quite clearly that life was hard, it was busy and we were hardly ever together but I still had hope and I hadn’t given up on us yet.

A reminder, after all the horror of divorce and the dreadful fallout that follows, that I did love him, that there were hopes of a future together and dreams of a happy relationship that sadly just weren’t meant to be.

 It’s so easy to forget the good times when you have suffered so much hurt but of course, I would never have had two children with him and stayed for 18 years had I thought otherwise.

An important reminder to myself that I tried with all my heart and you can’t do more than that.

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  1. 31/05/2010 4:02 pm

    Lovely poem and good luck with the move! x

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