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Sun creams and lotions


As a kid we used to spend our summer holidays in Mallorca and they were August holidays as we were at school. My grandparents had an apartment with a shared swimming pool and we were just a short walk down 100’s of steps to the beach. Needless to say we spent the majority of our holiday in swimming costumes.

I can remember getting a creaming up in the morning at around 11am and maybe, maybe again in the afternoon. It was always a pain but had to be done.

Don’t think badly of my mother, it wasn’t that she didn’t care, it was just different back then. Kids played all day half naked in the sun and the sea,  and many German families left their kids totally naked too, something we wouldn’t allow today.

As for the creams, I’m all stocked up from our local Boots with factors, 15, 30 and 50. I have sprays, lotions and creams for when the going gets tough. I also have wet suits for the girls so they can play all day on the beach without getting sunburnt as the material has a UVH Factor 50!

I didn’t have wet suits for my two older children when they were babies. I’d cream them up a few times throughout the day and it was a joy to see them run around in their cossies and get a lovely tan.

But now, the girls will have a thorough creaming up before we leave the mobile home to avoid sandy mixtures and then regular applications after swimming or as the sun gets hotter.

Only a few years ago I wouldn’t have been seen dead with any factor above an 8 and tended to use a 2 most of the time, yet now, I never go below a 15.

So has the sun got stronger over the years or are we just more aware of the damage caused by long exposure with little protection?

Photo – Boots

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  1. 15/06/2010 8:58 am

    Think we are just more aware.

    BTW-this is the best kids suntan lotion in the world-goes on like moisturizer, smells great…

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