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I’m back!!!!


..and I’m writing from my new abode!

the day before we left for our holiday our completion date was confirmed as the 28th June..the day after we returned from Lake Garda! It was accept that or wait another month so what the heck, I accepted. Paul couldn’t get the day off as there were two others off on their hols so I orchestred the whole move from the old to the new by myself and believe me I was exhausted  when I finally crashed onto bed – yes onto as it was too hot to get in it.

The house has been closed since February when the seller moved her family out to be closer to their take away restaurant and so it was hot, smelling of musty, dusty closed air and pretty uninviting.

Had I made a bad decision?

We’ve been hard at work this past week, unpacking boxes, tackling the jungle of a garden and cleaning cleaning cleaning but now we’re in a good place and I can finally sit down and write.

Have I missed my blog…no. Is that a bad thing? I think I have just been far too busy to even think about it but I’m back and raring to go, a little bit like after the school holidays 🙂

Every room in the house needs work on and the downstairs part of the extension needs some walls knocking down and sorting out as it has been built in a higgledy piggledy fashion, in the meantime I’m enjoying my ‘vintage’ 70’s azure formica bathroom and some of the wackiest wallpaper choices in town.

Love to all, Mari xx

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  1. 06/07/2010 7:24 pm

    Back and in it up to your neck! What’s new?? Wishing you all love and laughter in your new house.

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