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The Worst Teacher I Ever Had


science lab

Now that’s going back quite a bit!

I suppose the teachers who made the biggest impression on me were those from secondary school and the first teacher who comes to mind is Mr Smith who taught German from the 3rd year up, I tried for a year and lost all interest. I found his teaching method of learning by heart grids of “Der Die Das Die” etc etc boring and not useful.

Apart from his methods I found him a small, disagreeable man and didn’t take to him at all, needless to say I dropped German in the 4th year.

There was also a science teacher, male and ‘old’, for the lower school who was notoriously strict. Nobody whispered a word in his lessons and one sunny afternoon, stuck on a table towards the back,bored with him droning on, I was looking at the world through my ruler which fascinatingly gave off different dimensions and shades of light as I looked around the lab.

I can’t remember his name but he shouted at me from the other end of the class and scared the living daylights out of me blasting my daydream into nothingness. I never liked him and tried to cower low if he happened to pass me in the corridor. Out of sight, out of mind.

One last mention to anyone who went to St Johns junior school. Sister Kevin!! Mean old headmistress who whacked kids with the school bell if she thought they were misbehaving. She’d be sacked today for doing that.

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