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My teen time


Day 1 - Veronica snoozes

She’s gone now.

I received a text just after lunch yesterday from her mum to say she was home safe and sound, had no credit on her phone (Having topped it only two days previously) and seemed like she had a brilliant time.

It was a busy week, hence very few posts, we were out and about as much as the girls would let us and Friday we went up to London. All in all I’m completely shopped out! ..with a few acquisitions of my own too 😉

Of course being so close to someone for that amount of time does start you thinking about how you were at that age, about how times have changed since then and I watched Veronica with great interest over the week to pick up as much as I could about teenagers, the word that causes the fiercest mothers’ hearts’ to jump a beat.

Day 5 after a child's party

I think the first thing I picked up is a teenagers capacity to sleep, not just at night and in the morning when the girls were making a noise, but in the afternoon, early evening, whenever basically. If there was nothing of interest going on my teen would pop herself down on an armchair or  sprawl out on the sofa if it was free and after closing her eyes she was off, girls playing around her, TV blaring, people walking past. No worries, my teen slept like a baby.

My teen was also dreadfully clumsy. Now she has been skiing since she was 3, she throws herself down the steepest slopes at hundreds of kms an hour, she participates in competitions all over Trentino, her home county, but you get her to walk past the table without bumping into it. It seems as if she was automatically drawn to any fixed object in any room with the unconscious intention of bruising herself.

When I looked at her with a ‘Come on! expression, she would laugh, raise her shoulders and find it hilarious. She told me she’d even broken her toe in such a manner and this was apparently hilarious too.

Forgetfulness is a HUGE one. She would pop off to the shower and call me at the end saying she had forgotten her towels in the bedroom. Or we’d go shopping and she’d leave her phone at home, not such a bad thing until it came to using her card, as the PIN number was in the phone!

What we all associate teens with is the amount of time spent in the bathroom/bedroom, getting oneself ready for the day. Luckily it was no problem here as by the time she was ready to go in the shower and tart herself up we were already washed and dressed but there were a couple of mornings I wondered what the hell she was doing in there? Was she ok?

Going back to my last post she never did unpack, neither once did she make her bed, or even open her curtains. I did go in every day to open the windows to change the air but if she was happy to sleep in a bed where a wet towel had been left to dry so was I.

What do you think?

 Oh and don’t ask her to do the washing up as she really hates that. So I didn’t.

Of course lack of self confidence came out on occasion, usually as I was standing outside of the dressing room waiting for her to try on various items she fancied herself in.

‘What do you think?’ She would ask.

‘Yeah, it looks nice, I like it’

Contentment written all over her face as she bounced back in to try on the same item in a different colour.

‘What do you think?’

‘Yeah it’s nice, I prefer the last colour though.’

This led to a discussion what did I think about that with this or this with that and what if and say what until I replied a little too snappily

‘Ma dai Veronica scegli una!’ ‘Come on Veronica, choose one!’ (Me exasperated. I’d chosen my favourite but she still wasn’t convinced.)

She chose the first like I had said. And we got another cat walk with all her brand new items half an hour later at home!

A lot of times throughout the week we’d be talking about all kind of topics as she was very easy to talk to and often she’d reply ‘yes yes I know.’

She didn’t know, I know she didn’t know but I realised her passion to be as up to date as others and not be caught out for not knowing something. Which means there’s an awful lot of pressure on teens, amongst themselves. They don’t want to be seen any less than anyone else.

One of our points of discussion was driving, as she was on the ‘other side of the road’ she thought I was taking corners to closely and I was all over the place. I replied that in my opinion some of the worse drivers in the entire world happen to be Italian (don’t think that went down too well) but my point was backed up with the maniacs who sit basicaly on your back bumper flashing their lights urging you to move out of their way, all at 140km an hour on Italian motorways. Believe me they do this and it drives me to insanity.

She couldn’t deny it but she wasn’t going to let it go so easy so after taking her up to London all day on Friday we get back in the car and start to drive home when she tells me to go slow as I’m tired. I snapped again, I was doing 35mph on an empty road. WTF?

My teen spent a lot of the week with her earphones in listening to her MP3 which was fine with me, so long as she was happy and on one occasion in the car after a particularly long shopping session she heard a song on the radio and raised the volume. Automatically I lent out and turned it down. I was dismayed with myself (the song was horrible, it sounded like someone was scratching and screeching with intense pain)

But that’s beside the point, I am so old I couldn’t bear to listen to the dreadful stuff not even in the name of learning

This led to a discussion.

‘I’m sorry Veronica but that song was horrible’

‘I really like it, it’s great when they play it in a club everyone gets up and dances.’ (yes it probably is but I can’t remember the last time I went to a club and it’s certainly not on my To Do List = old, old, old)

‘Sorry, I thought it was terrible,’ – you just can’t beat ‘ rhythm is a dancer’ for a decent boogie.. Sister Sledge, Chaka Khan, That’s music for dancing!

One last difference we had was on alcohol. Although she likes to tell me she drinks it and has drunk 11 limoncini on an evening out with her friends and boast how she can hold her drink (I couldn’t hold 11 limoncini without keeling over and I’m over 40!) On Sunday when I returned from the bar with a coke for her and a glass of wine for myself, she pulled me up

‘Wine again? You had wine last night.’

Ever felt like your mum was around? Every hair on the back of my neck rose and I could feel my anger rise with them

‘What the hell does it matter to you?’

I snapped (3rd time in a week!) I mean come on if I’m going to be told by a kid that I can’t have a glass of wine with my Sunday roast and feel intimidated there is something very wrong. I actually took time to explain that it was ok to have a drink on Saturday night and on Sunday without being an alcoholic. Don’t know if she got it though.

So yeah, on the whole a brilliant week with a few hiccups on the way, normal and to be expected with a teen in the house I suppose 🙂


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