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Airhead. That’s me!


Help yourself!

On Tuesday it was time to take the lovely Veronica back to Gatwick for her 12.15 BA flight and thank goodness BA staff weren’t playing up – all on time. 

I was a mixture of sadness that our time had ended and happiness at the same time if that makes any sense? In as much as I love to have guests here and she was great fun to have around the house, (I was on teenage watch all week 🙂 ) but it’s also nice to get back to normal isn’t it? 

That’s a lovely time to fly as it allowed us all to get up, have breakfast, wash and dress without running around the house in a dreadful rush. 

We set off early and made fabulous progress as the roads weren’t busy. 

I accompanied her into the airport, we checked her in, dropped her bag off and walked to passport control. 

Our goodbyes were big strong hugs, laughter and Bessie cried as she saw Veronica disappear in the distance not quite sure of where ‘Echy’ was going but not liking the fact that she was leaving. 

A nice easy journey back home in time to get the girls lunch on without them getting fretful and as I was getting the girls out of the car my lovely next-door neighbour Richard came over. 

‘Have you got your keys?’ 

‘Er?’ Keys, should be in my bag. ‘Yes I think so’ (what was this all about?) 

‘Only you left this morning with all your doors open.’ 

‘Doors? Which doors?’ I was very slow cottoning on…. 

‘Your front doors, Anita (neighbour on the other side) saw Monty (her cat) entering the house and had to get him out. She tried calling you and got no answer so she asked me to check.’ 

‘I did what? Left both the porch and the front door wide open???’ ‘What the hell was I thinking’ ‘How did that happen?’ 

Oh My God!!! The enormity of what I had done crashed home. 

‘Eh, we all do it,’ came Richard’s supportive reply. (I have never ever done that before and can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who has) ‘Only I had a good look to make sure there was nothing untoward and had to shut the door as we were all out this morning. I was worried that you’d forgotten your keys.’ 

I remembered then, emptying the boot of the car to make room for Veronica’s rucksack and obviously eager to get on I jumped in the car, and drove off leaving our brand new house open to any Tom, Dick or Harry who wished to have a peak and maybe help themselves to our possessions. Well Monty tried didn’t he? 

‘What a prize idiot!’ And thank God once again for good neighbours. 

Have you ever done something similar that was totally insane?

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  1. Alessandra permalink
    06/08/2010 3:05 pm

    I confess, I’ve done it as well! A couple of years ago, after a very distressing day when I had a leak from the roof, a battle with a totally unhelpful insurance company, and builders in the house to mend the roof who left the front door open and the wind blew it shut breaking the window-pane, I rushed to the cash point to get some money to pay for the emergency man to have the glass pane replaced and I left in such a hurry and so distressed that I went with the door wide open…

    • 06/08/2010 4:32 pm

      We must have angels looking over us in times like these and guarding the front door!

  2. Amy Wilders permalink
    06/08/2010 3:56 pm

    I’ve done that aswell Marianne!! It was when the girls were younger so I suppose in all the fuss of getting them out of the house I just forgot about the doors. They were still wide open when I came home. Made me feel awful!!

  3. 07/08/2010 8:24 am

    Oh Mari, I’m sorry this did make me giggle. I have left my back door wide open and stayed away for the night…

    I had a neighbour who would do this regularly.
    Many a day I would leave my house and find her front door open while she had gone out. I’d always close it.
    One day she even left her car door open with the keys in the ignition and went to pick her kids up from school..

    Many people have done it..


    • 07/08/2010 6:53 pm

      After hearing about your neighbour I feel a bit better! Always lovely to hear from you Beth 🙂

  4. 17/08/2010 10:58 am

    yep did it too, went off one saturday morning, in the winter and left the front door wide open with the keys inside it too!its almost a double bluff like a burglar cannot believe you’d be that stupid and must be a trick hence doesnt actually try anything, classic!ignoranc eis bliss, n’est ce pas!
    my friend and I were walking our dogs in a remote spot and she left her car keys in the driver’s door for the whole hour!…

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