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Thomas's 4th birthday party

Time is flying by and before I know it the girls will be turning 18 and I won’t have a memory of them written!

That’s the trouble with twins, if trouble is the right word, it’s finding time for all the things you want or need to do in a day. And writing a diary for them to look back on is one thing that slips frequently through the net as I blabber on about other bits and bobs. So today is for them.

They both turned two last month (of course they both did – they’re twins!) and their vocabulary has really broadened.

‘Mess mummy’ when they’ve tipped their bottles of milk upside down over the sofa.

‘MINE!’ Rings out all day when they’re arguing over toys.

‘Shoes on mummy’ = we’d quite like to play outside now mum.

Apparently 'Yuk' doesn't apply to Krispy Kreme doughnuts

‘Yuk.’ (when a plate of ‘new’ food is placed in front of Alice and I have NO idea where she learnt that word)

‘Pooh! – you got it. Someone has just done one and it’s time for a clean up. This is good and I am hoping potty training is coming up and I’m praying it will be an easy transition. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Boing boing = trampoline

Numbers one to ten and animal noises have been favourites for ages but I cannot get them to call a cat anything other than a miaow.

We went on a Teddy Bear’s Picnic on Friday, another two sets of twins from the Twin Club joined us (Isabel and Samuel and Alfie and Lily) and we managed to eat/play and sing before the heavens opened.

One thing I’ve noticed at these events is their love of the craft tables set out where I will be honest, it’s something I have refrained from doing so far at home, one soul reason – THE MESS!

Can I be bothered with all the clearing up after their fun.

Yes. It’s wrong. I must get my act together and get them some glue, paint, and messy stuff to play with and just get on with it.

Food has also become a bit of a nuisance with Alice more than Bessie. She has decided to go off her favourites and turn her nose up at new offerings while practising her new word ‘Yuk’. this makes meal times more difficult and at times fractious…me that would be.

Annabel Karmel does offer the most wonderful recipes which I have tried and tested only to have a head turned away and a very firm No in response. It’s so soul destroying.

If I make too many meatballs and offer them on day 2 I get the same treatment ‘You don’t really think mother we’re having those again today do you?

Rice is currently a no go as is chicken breast, soft and tender but offer it as a chicken nugget out of the freezer and they woof it down. Soooo annoying.

Fruit thank goodness is always a winner but Do Not Offer apple after pear. It has to be the other way around, hard followed by soft.

And finally Sleep Time.

'choochoo train' to London.

Ladies and gentlemen, any twin parent who happens to pass by. We Have Cracked It. It seems we’re going all the way through the night 7.30pm bedtime and wake up anywhere between 6.20am and 7.45am. YoooHooo!!

So that’s it for today and the catch up of my lovely ladies, they are a lot of fun and I am enjoying every single second with them, even if sometimes recently I have had to raise my voice for a little discipline…..

After all ‘I’ am the boss in this house!

Have a great weekend all xx

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