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I’m going potty.


Well to be 100% honest with you I’m still in the contemplating phase BUT I have invested in two potties recently, one pink and one white so there is no mistaking whose is whose.

The girls and I have been talking a lot recently about wee and pooh. For myself I’m trying to make them more aware of their body functions and on their part because it amuses them.

Why does the thought of potty training frighten the life out of parents? It’s all the talk at the Twin Club where three mum’s are very successfully coercing their twins into knickers or pants – as the individual case may be. And yet I am still cowering in the corner watching everyone with beady eyes to see how they are getting on BUT taking that first step to a nappy freeworld yet.

I’m scared.

If I start too soon, will I cause failure, relapse for years? Will my girls grow up with dents in their personalities, lifelong hang ups all because I started too soon.

Let’s fact it, there is no fixed date, some mothers are still tempting to solve the problem at 3 and a half years sometimes later….maybe that’s what we’re all secretly dreading? Stretching this training out for over a year?

Point is I’m fed up of nappies, bored stiff of them. Paul is very reluctant to help out nowadays stating that I am so much quicker than him – a very poor excuse I might add.

So as it is still summer time I shall be ‘Having a go’ one of these days. Once I pluck up the courage, that is to let my cherubs run around butt naked and follow frantically with a bucket and mop.

Come and visit us some time soon 🙂

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  1. karen - allaboutheboys permalink
    23/08/2010 7:25 pm

    Bless you. If you want my advice. DON’T PANIC ! If its possible when the weather is warm just let them run round with no nappy on, make it a big treat, but above all don’t fret too much. They will do it when they are ready and almost certainly before they start school : ) xx

    • 24/08/2010 3:27 pm

      I have started with potty’s in the front room, to familiarise ourselves with the task in hand. Initially there was a lot of enthusiasm, now they wear them as hats. I may re try in a month’s time. Thansk for the encouragement 🙂

  2. 29/08/2010 5:54 pm

    Oh now this takes me back. I’m another of the ‘don’t panic’ persuasion. I remember that one of my daughters managed to start with a potty much earlier but that she had a fair few accidents while her sister just took her nappy off one day and said “dirty” as disgustingly as she could manage and was “dry” in a number of days. Good luck, you’ll get there and hope we are reading your “success story” soon — you can only do it at your own pace. xx

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