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I know nothing!


Complicated stuff

Gawd. I’ve gone and done it again.

I like this Blog. I’m enjoying writing and creating and it’s a while now I’ve been thinking about buying my own domain as peeping into other people’s blogs, I see things I like and would like to have here.

I asked around and Namesco came up as a pretty good starter option. (Don’t ask me as I haven’t got a clue!) So following this sound advice off I went filled in my details and paid to be the sole owner of – Oh the power in my hands!

Fantastic! Now I can create something of my own, I can nurse this baby on to the next step. I foolishly imagined that it would be ‘simples’ as the Meerkats say. Well, I can’t fathom it out for the life of me.

So we’ll stick to here for now until I find where the damn 1-click is so I can transfer us over to there.

Why does life have to be so complicated? Why do I get myself into such pickles?

But you do realise that it is probably staring me in the face and I just can’t see if for fear of doing something wrong. But isn’t that what life is all about?

Going for something, just a little bit out of your comfort zone and seeing if you can make a go of it?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I have plans for this here blog. I have a  new layout in mind that I’d like to put into place. I have ideas and I want to learn more about the blogosphere and push myself onto new projects. I know I’m going to have to call on my dear brother and his lovely lady for nudges in the right direction and help here and there but it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Mari’s World.

With that in mind, I’m off to study the ‘Quick’ start up PDF hoping it is quick and leave you with the question.

‘How are you going to challenge yourself right now? Is there a project you’ve kept on the back burner for too long? Get it out now and have a go!


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  1. 11/08/2010 3:31 pm

    Congrats. And can your brother help me when he is done?

    • 11/08/2010 3:35 pm

      You are streets ahead of me Susie! If i can come up with anything close to your blog I’d be chuffed to pieces. 🙂

  2. 11/08/2010 3:52 pm

    Good luck! I had no clue at all about getting across to self hosting so my friend, who happens to be in IT, did it for me! lol! Sorry I can’t help!

  3. 11/08/2010 7:25 pm

    Well done! Can’t wait to see the finished product! I’ve been meaning to do exactly the same thing for ages now. One of these days I’ll get round to it.

    • 12/08/2010 1:36 pm

      Watch this space…I am really hoping it’s not as difficult as I am imagining it to be 🙂

  4. 14/08/2010 2:47 am

    Congratulations. Wish you all the best, friend xxx

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