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What a week!


Here I sit on sunday evening as we prepare for the upcoming week. The girls are in pyjamas, Paul is sorting out his work bag, not at all happy that he’s back at work this week, and I am preparing for yet another manic week ahead.

Our front room is now painted but not yet completed, I shall have to paint the radiator and the wood at some point but it already looks so much fresher and brighter that it’s a joy to sit here.

The girls also showed their appreciation of the new light coloured walls by drawing on them in crayons (multicoloured I add) after all mummy and daddy had worked so hard, it was only right for them to do their bit too – right? So at some point I will have to get the paint out again to go over their murals 🙂

I have also discovered that decorating just one room ends up taking over the entire house and for one week you live in an untidy home with ornaments, pictures, CD’s and everything else normally homed in the lounge finds temporary lodgings elsewhere.

And where you may think I can get back to normal this week, wrong! I am hosting my grandmother’s 90th birthday party on Saturday. I am praying for good weather, at the very least no rain, as the 40 guests will eat, drink and be merry here in our garden where there is more room. Otherwise we will be squashed into the house and the clear up will be even worse.

So I have cleaning and scrubbing to complete, a dishwasher arriving on Tuesday (hugfe party=perfect excuse for buying one!) a present to buy and wrap (still wracking my brains as to what though) AND nonna and granddad arriving on Friday to help with the preparations.

It’s all go go go.

I have my very good friend Mikaela at the end of her twin pregnancy and if they don’t decide to join us by Tuesday she will be induced. Final. Poor thing can’t bear another moment and I remember so well those last few interminable days that just never pass by. I shall be shouting out words of comfort and support tomorrow at least.

Of course all this time ‘off’ from my blog has given me so much time to think about future posts and things I’d like to share so be prepared for posts coming your way. My brain went into overload with ideas.

On that note, I’d best get on and complete the Sunday evening rituals ready for a very productive week ahead.

Mari xx

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  1. 23/08/2010 12:56 pm

    Hope the party goes well! 🙂

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