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Girls – 25 months


Who gets which toy is always an argument

A trip to the park now is quite easy as they just want to play on the slides, climbing frames and swings which can be challenging if I don’t get two swings next to each other. The worst bit is trying to get them away when it’s time to go as I get screaming fits x 2 and I use distraction to stop them ie find and hand over a leaf, aeroplane in the sky? look at that over there, ANYTHING!

Pass the Parcel - with help!

They are also pretty good at listening to an instruction and carrying it out too. ie ‘Can you get me the wet wipes please? Whilst pointing to the object required. Having said that asking either of them to ‘Pick that up’ whist in the midst of a tantrum Does Not Work.

Bessie does glasses 🙂

Alice 🙂

August has been busy socially for them too, we have taken part in a Teddy Bear’s picnic, a Country Park Treasure Trail, 2 birthday parties (Thomas’s 4th and Samuel’s 3rd) we’ve only missed 1 twin club session when Daddy was home and lots of trips to the park.

We have constructed the sand pit given to them on their birthday by the Freeman’s and the Holland’s and they love it. Trouble is I have a home full of sand afterwards as it gets everywhere, hair, nappy, clothes, hands and toys – even in my bra!?!

The ball pit became a permanent fixture in our bedroom last week whilst the decorating was taking place downstairs.

Foodwise, we have good days and bad days. One thing stands out enormously they both want to feed themselves on their own and will not be helped. And the days I introduce something new there is always a lot of tears (they dont’ recognise it) turning of the head, a lot of ‘No’s’ but slowly slowly they come round. I sit there eating the same and umming out loud and lots of ‘It’s delicious!’ ‘You want to try this’ and that seems to do the trick.

Happy, happy days!

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