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Instructions on how to open a box


The weeks are passing by so quickly that I almost forgot to tell you, I’ve bought myself a dishwasher.

As we were hosting my grandmother’s 90th and would have 40+ guests descend upon us, I knew it was time. The last dishwasher I had was in Italy back in 2004 so I have washed by hand an awful lot over the past 6 years (so has Paul I hasten to add – he’s brilliant like that)

I scanned my Argos catalogue and choose a middle of the road Bush. Well known name and other than that they all looked the same to me. So long as it did the job as cheaply and quietly as possible that was my boxes ticked.

Enormous excitement the day of arrival, two delivery men carried her in and on my instruction placed in the middle of the kitchen close to the hole under sink, ready for connection the minute Paul came through the door.

It was wrapped in a box held together with plastic strip. So I cut the strips in preparation and thought I may as well dispose of the box too to make Paul’s workload less in the evening. I’m nice like that 🙂

I studied the box. All of the angles had been taped over so I got out my trusty veg knife that is very sharp and proceeded to strip the tape off. It didn’t come off like good old brown sticky tape in a long stretch at all, in fact it didn’t come off well at all.

How on Earth am I going to get into this box?

I started to dig the knife in the corners and try to prise the sides away from the top only to find stiff, very stiff, corrugated cardboard. I tried pulling it, pushing it, trying to rip bits off and I was getting quite angry with it all.

How ridiculous! Can’t they package these goods in a more user friendly way? Maybe there are instructions to open the box?

Nope, no instructions. I went off to have a cup of tea and contemplate shopping lists for the party to calm my nerves and came back on the attack a while later refreshed and ready for the challenge.

I decided to move the box closer to the hole under the sink. I strained all of my body ready for the weight of the machine and discovered it was surprisingly light.

Oh my! I was holding the box 20″ above the floor and the dishwasher was still sitting happily in her initial spot.

All You Have To Do Is Cut The Plastic Strips and Lift The Box Off. Presto. Job done.

I laughed at my own denseness and I was relieved that I had mastered the act before His Lordship came home and took the micky out of me for the rest of my life. As for the photos taken during my plight, they were for a letter to Bush to tell them how absurd their packaging was! Don’t think I’ll be sending that letter do you?

Have you ever done anything as silly as me just because you didn’t stop to think?

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  1. Dee permalink
    04/09/2010 3:39 pm

    Very often!

  2. katiebee permalink
    05/09/2010 2:43 pm

    Hahaha, I’m with you, at least you didn’t send the letter prior to figuring out their little puzzle. They could have put “cut straps and pull up box” though. 🙂

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