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Twin mums – early weeks


The girls on their birthday

Today I am going to see my good friend Kayla. Originally we planned coffee but now it’s lunch too which I am going to provide so as not to have her dashing about.

Kayla had her twins about four weeks ago now, the birth didn’t go as planned but when does a twin birth do as it’s supposed to? Amazingly her twins are born either side of midnight, (which I thought was very clever of her) one born naturally albeit with the midwives telling her when the contraction arrived as she was duped up on epidural – Just In Case and twin 2 born by emergency caesarean section. So all future twin mums – Be Prepared. As anything goes when it’s a twin birth

The twins were perfect, Seth weighing in at 7lbs+ and Carys a lighter 5lbs something (sorry I can’t remember the exact details now, but a healthy little cherub) Having given birth naturally three times before Kayla didn’t know what to expect as far as  the caesarean recovery was concerned. She was in pain at the hospital but as one midwife pointed out rather abruptly (there’s always a nasty, rushed off your feet one isn’t there?) you’ve just had an operation, of course it hurts.

Well that shut Kayla up and she continued to struggle on convinced it would go away. We spoke about it. “Yeah, it is painful, the stitches pull, your insides feel as if they’ve had a steam roller messing around inside and you’re weaker than normal”. What more could I say? After all we all have different pain levels. “Rest and be nice to yourself.”

After being home just a couple of days Kayla found the pain was so great she couldn’t move an inch. Her husband called 999 and soon she had a paramedic with her. Just one look it took and the lady called for an ambulance. Morphine administered, Kayla suddenly smiling again, pain completely gone and feeling HAPPY she recognised an old school friend amongst the ambulance crew – ‘Not now Kay!’ She was taken back into hospital with her twins.

The verdict? ‘We’ve left a bit of placenta inside you!’ In fact the two placenta had merged to become one and no one picked up on this during the scans. Had she not been prepped for a CS it could have been worse but let’s not dwell on that.

My advice to her during those last few weeks was, rest as much as you can and join TAMBA. And in preparation for her little ones I said..

1. Don’t worry about the mess indoors – it will be messy for a while yet

2. Be prepared to use formula milk alongside your breastfeeding. Get lots of bottles.

3. Buy, buy, buy lots of nappies as you probably won’t leave the house for a while.

4. Try to get them to feed together (ie wake one if the other is ready) then you may be able to carve out five minutes for yourself throughout the day

5. Get food in for you that you can grab and eat on the go as you will probably find yourself at 3pm and you haven’t had lunch yet.

6. If people offer to help you around the house ACCEPT IT. Run the hoover, do some ironing, flick a duster anything helps.

7. Don’t go mad lifting things as your scar will take a little time to heal and it’s the pits if you have to go back in to get it resewn up.

8 If you have a good friend who offers to make lunch for you – let her and pray she comes up with something good 🙂 – Spaghetti Carbonara, good wholesome stuff.

If I have forgotten something on this list please add in the comments

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