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C is for children


I am late, I am very late in fact but last week was one I spent running around and not having a single moment to myself, not that I’m complaining mind, as I was lucky enough to have all of my four children and my granddaughter Gracey here with me, that’s why the word busy took on new dimensions last week and my blog fell by the wayside, abandoned and feeling very sorry for itself as it always will when life becomes more important.

C is was the letter for Alphabe Thursdayover at Jenny Matlock’s blog and having missed out A I really didn’t want to miss out C too. Of course I can’t add my post now as the link is closed but for my sake here is my letter C 🙂

C could have stood for crumble, a plum one made last week and enjoyed by all with lashings of custard, or could have been for chocolate which is a constant in my life in all manners possible, bars, individual wrapped or unwrapped, cakes, desserts and not to forget the delicious thick hot chocolate drink enjoyed on the sunny ski slopes of Italia but no, being terribly repetitive I have decided to go for children.

Meg, Gracey, Nins, Tom, me and Bessie

Last week my life was ruled by all four of them as Tommy (22), Megan (20) along with baby Gracey aged 1 all came over for a 6 day visit, I had booked their tickets a while back and made a right hash of it but they arrived safe and sound and Gracey brought chicken pox with her too! How thoughtful 🙂

Bessie and Alice

I am pleased that Tommy, Megan and I had the chance to have a ‘proper’ talk about my divorce settlement that their father had to pay as they were under the impression I had received an amount four times as much as I did, putting their inheritance at risk and the safety of all the family in Italy. This of course is utter bollocks if you’ll excuse my choice of word but it is descriptive of the lies being told to blacken my name. My only option was to show them on the PC screen the amount that actually arrived on my account, date and all. Needless to say they were in disbelief that their dad could have told them so many lies and couldnt’ understand why. It left us all with a bitter taste in our mouths but at least we had all spoken about it and please God there will be no more telephone calls that I make that aren’t picked up or emails never replied to again, as this has been the reaction in the past.

Union Jack cushion from Next

We shopped – lots! Buying presents for Gracey to take back home, a belated birthday present for Megan, she chose a bag from Next and a house warming for Tommy which he loves a Union Jack cushion with a bulldog on it, again from Next. The beauty of the British High Street never fails as they both bought clothes that look good but cost half of the price than those in Italy.

We had a family get together and took a photo of the five generations, Nona, my grandmother, Nonna Marilyn (my mum), me, Megan and Gracey, a fabulous heirloom photo that I have on my To Do list to print off and frame.

The Five generations

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  1. Glenys x permalink
    12/10/2010 9:28 am

    Oh what a beautiful picture one to be treasured by all generations in it. And sounds like a fabulous but tiring week mentally and physically. Glad you were able to ‘clear the air’ and sort the misunderstandings. It’s horrible to be made out to be the ‘bad egg’ when someone lies about you. Now you can all move on in a positive way.

    • 12/10/2010 10:19 am

      I am exhausted, I have the flu and so has Alice, just waiting now for Bessie’s turn!
      Had a brilliant, fast, tiring week some deep chats that were way overdue, now all behind us and we can get back to living. Just hope those chats don’t backfire on me, knowing my ex, they will as they always do Grrrr

  2. 12/10/2010 10:51 am

    wow, look at all these beautiful women! what an inspiration Mari!
    that soo lovely

  3. 12/10/2010 7:03 pm

    C is for CHUFFED which goes for us all when we read the blog and saw the photos xxx and clobbered which I hope the ex is

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