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Red! – The Gallery


‘Red!’ said Tara, a huge smile stretching from ear to ear pleased with herself for coming up with such a topical and challenging prompt. Plus the fact she had a brilliant red lined up for her own entry.

‘Prizes!’ she giggled knowing the tempt would be too enticing to ignore. Face paints from Snazaroo to be precise. Who wouldn’t want them? I do that’s for sure. In a moment of pure madness I have offered to host the 1st ever Twin Club Halloween party here in my home on the 31st, much to the delight of my loved one 🙂 And wouldn’t they be fabulous to try out on all our little ones? 8 sets of delicious twins aged tiny to 6 ish.

So this week’s challenge for The Gallery should you wish to enter is a Halloween based RED and this is what I took about half an hour ago…please excuse the washing basket in the background!

Ready for the party

Of course there was another red incident this morning which I cannot leave out, you see my Bessie (dressed in red) is a hard core thumb sucker, always has been and I dare to say will be for sometime yet. Trouble is she’s sucking her thumb to red raw and on washing her hands this morning she said ‘Hurt mummy’

Here take a look if you can…

sore thumb

So? What to do? Have you had this and know of an amazing product to help her skin clear? I don’t want to start-up a ‘NO THUMB SUCKING’ regime (yet) but I can’t watch her suffer and do nothing.

Thanks Tara for the challenge, pop over to Sticky Fingers everyone and have a good look at what other’s have come up with, I will once I’m back from Twins club.

Ciao ciao 🙂

PS A quick plug for our very own Multiple Mayhem Carnival here on Monday, please join in or pass the word on to every multiple mum you know to ensure a brilliant carnival’ mwah mwah’ xx

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  1. Kelloggsville permalink
    20/10/2010 10:53 am

    Awwwww sweety

  2. 20/10/2010 10:57 am

    Ahhhh! How lovely (not the sore thumb obviously)

    • 20/10/2010 2:08 pm

      they were in their element and it took forever to persuade them to get dressed afterwards 🙂

  3. 20/10/2010 12:45 pm

    Oh bless her, poor thing! Very sweet shot xx

  4. 20/10/2010 3:09 pm


    I’m working on a post for the carnival… will send it on as soon as it’s done 🙂

  5. 20/10/2010 5:57 pm

    Love that dress. Wish I could get away with wearing it!

  6. 20/10/2010 8:33 pm

    Gorgeous picture….and sorry no magic cure. I’ve had three thumb suckers….their thumbs are not like normal ones now. 😉
    I hope the soreness goes, I have really sore hands at the moment and it’s not nice. 😦

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