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Multiple Mayhem Carnival is here!!


This is a ‘baby’ carnival, in only its third public viewing and it’s here on Mari’s World, how honoured am I? This is one carnival that I, personally, would like to see grow with time as it becomes more and more recognised. I understand the value of reading information from someone ‘who knows’ what it’s like and how important it can be to other multiple mums.  So I urge you to pass the knowledge on and encourage others to take part each month. You don’t have to have a blog either, you can just email me or future hosts with your post and it can be included. Simples!

So please get yourself comfortable as here are the entries for the month of October…

Heather came in first from Young and Younger entering an incredibly important post for any novice multiple mum Twins, The First Year. The essentials. It has to be said on discovering you’re expecting twins it can be a bit daunting but with this list at hand some of the worries can be set aside and life can start to be better.

Michelle from Mummy From The Heart came in with a post that just has to be read. Being a twin. As many of us twin mums aren’t twins and cannot know therefore this is an incredibly beautiful insight to what being one actually means. Read it – you’ll love it! I did.

Linda has come in with an important message this time, one that we must keep on reminding ourselves as we are far too British sometimes worrying about what others think. Got twins? Let’s stop apologising is a brilliant read and one to be remembered even after you’ve left this blog…. she has also suggested a second read if you’re up for it, and I can assure you it’s always a good one Why twin parties needn’t be double the trouble. It broke my heart when I initially read it as I want my girls to enjoy everything together but maybe life’s just not like that.  Read it for more insight and understanding.

A Brand New Entry for me, and there’s nothing more exciting is there? Jane from Northern Mummy with Southern Children who complains her children are not pronouncing ‘bath’ and ‘grass’ correctly. (Does it have to be me to explain that this is the correct pronunciation and she’s got it wrong? Or will that bring on a huge debate?) She’s right however about Eviction notice served and my goodness when you’re at the end of a twin pregnancy I think EVERY mum calls that card, read her hilarious account. She also asked me to choose from two posts. Clearly she doesn’t know me and if she knew I struggle every single time I order an Indian to choose off the menu she may not have put me in this position. So I’m giving you both and believe me your belly will wobble with laughter with this one Who needs an alarm clock when…  marvellous, please read it, I was in fits.

So who is missing from this fabulous carnival? Oh yes, it’s me! but you’ve already read my twin posts haven’t you? Haven’t you? Well Just In Case here’s a good one Twins –  2 and 1/4 years old or maybe you missed this one The Terrible Two’s maybe worth re reading just in case…

PS – Edit to include Zookeeper who has just left a link in the comment Harvest Hell that I would hate to be missed, this is one busy lady as we all are so please spare a moment.

And one last entry caught just in time and arriving from the other side of The Pond, let me introduce you to Judie, grandmother of twins. I asked Judie if she’d like to participate and this is what she came up with

If The Babies Could Talk

By Judie McEwen
Grandmother of Twins,
Keillor and Emaline Mau, Born June 2, 2009
– I live in Tucson and the twins live in Wilmore, Kentucky.  I don’t get to hug and kiss them very often, but I do get lots of pictures.  These were taken before they started sitting up alone.  I love to pretend that they can talk. Judie’s blog Rogue Artist Speak is 100% definitely worth a visit
And there dear reader you have you have it. The entries for this months Multiple Mayhem Carnival. I hope you read enjoying them and I ask you kindly to comment on each post so they know you have passed by making it all worth while, who knows you may find some interesting people out there?

Thanks as always and whilst we’re here would the next person that would like to host the carnival next month please come forward.

Mari x

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  1. 25/10/2010 8:24 am

    Ohh, going to have a good look tonight (I am supposed to be working right now! lol). Thanks for putting this together Mari.

    Mich x

  2. 26/10/2010 8:32 am

    Thank you so much for including me and for your kind words about my post. Also thank you for the support of the carnival, seeing your comments about it makes me so pleased to have started it (puffs chest out proudly and dusts lapel, nearly has eye out of person standing next to me….)
    I’ll definitely be back to read and comment on the other posts, thank you for reminding me that blogging is a good thing.

    • 26/10/2010 2:46 pm

      Well done you for having such a wonderful brainchild! It does help people come together I’m sure. We already have a host for next month too, so I hope you’ll see it grow and grow in time, all the best xx

  3. 26/10/2010 9:02 am

    oh what cute cute photos…… 🙂

    • 26/10/2010 2:46 pm

      Thank you, they’re our American Twin gran’s who joined in this month too

  4. 26/10/2010 1:14 pm

    Fantastic carnival, thanks so much Mari. I’m going to sit down with a hot cuppa (or a glass of vino, more likely) later and have a good read of the blogs that are new to me. x

    • 26/10/2010 2:47 pm

      Glad you like it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the reading later, some lovely ladies out there x

  5. 26/10/2010 2:02 pm

    Hi Mari, thanks for visiting my blog again. I think I owe you another visit after kind comments on an earlier post, but I got bogged down with the need to earn money so banished myself from the blogosphere for a few weeks! Thanks for suggesting I include a post in the Multiple Mayhem Carnival. If I’m not too late, I’ll include the penultimate post that you read, Harvest Hell. Here’s the link. Really looking forward to reading all the other posts in the carnival. Thanks for hosting. x

    • 26/10/2010 2:48 pm

      Added! Thanks for coming by and yes of course you can host the next carnival, email me if you need more info x

  6. 26/10/2010 2:04 pm

    Ps – I’ll happily host the next carnival, unless you already have takers…:-)

  7. 27/10/2010 5:19 pm

    My,my! What beautiful twins in those photos! And guess what? I’m their Gran!! Mari, thanks for the opportunity to show them off! I have LOTS MORE PICTURES if you are interested. Hahahahaha!

    • 28/10/2010 2:01 pm

      I shall be asking Santa for more time in my day so I can visit and spend hours looking at beautiful photos. Thanks for taking part. There’s another next month if you’re interested

  8. 28/10/2010 10:49 am

    Yes Mari, I’m sure I’ll need a quick helping hand, so I’ll email you – is the carnival every month now? x

    • 28/10/2010 2:03 pm

      It’s as frequent as we make it, it doesn’t have to be strictly every month, choose a weekend you’re comfortable with, it’s still quite small so easy to handle. It would be nice to see it grow though.

  9. 30/10/2010 9:29 am

    Probably should have said before. I would be up for hosting a carnival too!

    Mich x

    • 30/10/2010 1:05 pm

      Brilliant! You can, let’s see what day zookeeper (sorry, I can’t remember her name!) chooses and then you can see if you want one before the end of the new year or to start off 2011 in style!
      You’re next in line x


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