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Christmas present lists


Yes, my dear friends it’s that time of year again. In fact I got a call just yesterday from my sister in law who, as she was on half term, wanted to do as much of her present shopping as possible as she didn’t know when she’d have time later on and like me hates battling in crowds of shoppers as time starts to shorten on the Christmas countdown

‘What shall we get for the girls this year?’

I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it properly yet, I’ll have a look through the Argos/Toys r Us, ELC catalogue and get back to you as soon as possible.

Of course, this brought back memories of me and my brothers lying on the floor in the lounge with the Argos catalogue spread out in front of us and choosing only one item from every single page. Hours and hours of fun.

Naturally half the nations’ kids are doing exactly the same right now and my two aren’t as they’ve only just passed 2 so haven’t quite grabbed the extreme importance of this event. Any child being asked to write a list of what they’d like to receive from Father Christmas this year cannot but take this task VERY seriously. All kinds of catalogues are drawn out and carefully thumbed through, corners are turned back an initial list is written up and present givers are also listed so nobody should be left without an idea. Advertising on the television suddenly becomes as important as the cartoons they’re slotted in between.

Oh yes, I’d like one of those!’ child expresses as she is taken in by the bright lights, jazzy music and plastic toy that is being sold once again at an extortionate price for what it actually is.

Should you ever try pointing out wooden classic toys to said child they will look at you as if you’re gone mental, lost the plot or check to see if you’re pulling their leg.

The inital run-through list, followed by the whittled down list and lastly a quick polish before the final list is presented and drawn up as a letter to Santa. Boys usually aren’t as good and as thorough as girls but they do give it an impressive shot…if only they’d pay as much attention in class eh?

No luckily for me, the girls’ choices are still down to me for a year or so and being drawn back to a pastime that filled many a winter night in the past (right up to Christmas Eve, just in case Santa had run out of something and had to substitute at the last minute) I have flicked and folded and ummed and arred and it’s not as easy as I thought.

I’ve been quite taken with the Remarkables mat which allows children to draw using stencils or their imagination and then can be wiped clean for next time. I found a wooden dolls house in Asda yesterday for only £37. They had one assembled and it does look good and sturdy too so I bought the furniture pack for £12 to add to it.

But for other ideas for family members I will admit to being stuck. Being twins they have accumulated an embarrassing stash of toys between them and not all of them are looked at or played with anymore but that is no reason for them not to receive new toys is it?

Puzzles seem to be on the top ten right now along with games such as Manic Martians from ELC, Monkey business and Elefun. We have dolls and prams (how many do you need?) We have Happyland but the box is already full and there is only so much Happyland you can play with isn’t there? Outdoor toys are also nicely accomodated for right now as are play houses (inside and out) tunnels, I know it sounds like I’m bragging but I swear the majority has been gifts.

So have you got any brilliant ideas? What did/do your children enjoy at this stage and what will you be putting on your children’s list this year?

Oh, and of course what would you like for Christmas more importantly?

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  1. Francesca permalink
    26/10/2010 2:25 pm

    Me and my brother used to do that with catalogues. It was a game called “Bagsy” and basically you had to nab yourself the best toy on the page by pointing to the toy and shouting “bagsy!”. We played it so much we knew what was on each page and could pre-empt each other’s bagsys.

    Not sure what we’re getting the twins yet, maybe some of those little toy laptops? They love all things DIY (not taking after their daddy, then!!!) but then they’ve some lovely workbench things at the twins club we go to, so it seems a shame to get them that for home as it’s spomething to look forward to at club.
    Rowan wants Bakugan and a scooter, Leon wants Imaginext and Zibits, Ciaran wants an Ipod Touch (no!) and Alysia wants a phone (no) a laptop (no) and an Ipad (no, again!)
    ho hum.

    • 26/10/2010 2:42 pm

      Hello you! Nice to see you over here…wonder if I could smash you at “Bagsy” like you smash me at Bejewelled every week? 🙂
      Laptops – good idea, I was thinking about that too but which one? Leapfrog, ELC? Peppa Pig phonetics?
      Bakugan – never heard of it I might one day who knows?
      I’d quite like an iPad myself, and an iPhone4 too but I so know that’s not going to happen!
      Bah humbug!

  2. 27/10/2010 3:39 pm

    I used to love thumbing through the Argos catalogue at Christmas! lol! Who am I trying to kid: I still love thumbing through it!
    Have fun!


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