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Mummy’s apron strings


The perfect apron for creating spells

When you’re buying gifts, do you like to look for something original with a little bit of panache so your receiver gasps with delight and is in awe of your amazing good taste wondering however will they be able to find something as beautiful to give you in return?

Yep, me too. So a while ago whilst I was drifting in the wonderful world of Twitter a tweet caught my eye, @icklebabe_com was urging us to have a look at her new creation and give our honest opinion. Well there’s nothing I like better than giving my honest opinion so off I popped to have a nose and I was completely blown away by her vintage apron. So much so I ordered one there and then.

Helen set straight to work and a short time later Postman Pat was knocking at my door with a parcel. Ohhhhh how exciting!

That was back in September and the reason it has taken me so long to tell you about it is this. I had prepared a video for you to watch, with the girls helping me and I am finding it impossible to upload and even more difficult to process on YouTube. It’s fabulous and I really wanted to share it with you but the powers that be in the world of technology are afraid of my creativity and are therefore refusing to acknowledge me as an actress, script writer and future Spielberg. Therefore dear readers, you will have to make do with this photo of me modelling (not one of my key skills I’m sure you’ll agree) my favourite apron for you.

I can assure you that when wearing any kitchen accessory from your culinary conquests will take on heavenly dispositions, never again will you fail to please the fussiest of eaters. And never again will you burn, singe or overcook. Banished from your kitchen forever will be sunken cakes, stodgy muffins, rock hard quiches and tooth cracking roasts.

No! Wear this apron and your spuds will be the fluffiest in the land, your sangria will add sparkle to the grumpiest of hearts and each and every soul who steps into your life will be touched by your new magic. Not to mention your street cred rising to the dizzy heights of Best Dressed Chef/Cook in the land…The sky is the limit.

Stylish packaging

It’s worth checking out surely? Head over to and feast your eyes and desire on all of Helen’s fabulous products, there’ll be a fair few on my Crimbo list that’s for sure.

This is not a sponsored post, just one very happy customer. Click on both photos for clearer details on the fabric and packaging

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  1. 02/11/2010 4:04 pm

    pretty cool… i love shabby chic and vintage stuff.. those aprons are gorgeous… and the kdis bedspreads… love em.

    • 02/11/2010 5:58 pm

      There’s tons on helen’s site that I love too, in fact addign it to my Secret Post Club wish list as I speak 🙂


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