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Dear Virgin Media – part 2


Dear Mr Darren Hall – Head of Credit Management

I am writing in reply to your letter dated 01 November 2010 where you state I have recently left Virgin Media and have absentmindedly forgotten to pay an outstanding amount of £42.66 to you. This will be in the aftermath of the numerous attempts I have made to try and speak to somebody within your organisation regarding my disconnection back in JUNE!!!

During my most recent phone call, I spent 37 minutes on the phone and spoke to 5 different people, all of whom had to pass me on to somebody else to rectify your embarrassing situation. This call ended with your disconnection team and for the umpteenth time I explained that after moving I had failed to cancel my direct debit with you and I was still paying monthly rates which needed to be refunded TO ME.

Apparently there are lots of notes on my ‘screen’ but they all fail to solve this simple issue.

Let me make this easy for you..

  1. I left Virgin Media on 28th June 2010, when we moved house I was told there would be one final payment in July.
  2. I discovered in September that I was still being billed by Virgin Media and started to get in touch with you in order to have the August and September payments refunded. I cancelled my direct debit in order to prevent any more payments being taken.
  3. I email you via the Contact Us button on your website – to this day I haven’t received a reply.
  4. I speak repeatedly, on more than four separate occasions, to various members of staff from Customer Services, Redirection, accounts and many others. I email you via your website again and never receive a reply.
  5. One kind lady in October discovers I haven’t even been disconnected yet and promptly justifies that, she then tries to sell me your latest offers before I put the phone down (?) I am no longer one of your customers!!!
  6. During my last phone call, after a further massive round of chatting with various departments, I spoke to a gentleman who apologised profusely for this enormous cock up and promises me a letter will be in the post with a cheque for the outstanding amount. I believed him and sat back in my chair waiting.
  7. I receive a bill for £84.00 – missed payments. (How did you reach that sum?)
  8. I telephone you again and get passed from pillar to post. After a 30 minute phone call I am promised this situation is now corrected and I will receive a letter in the post to that effect.
  9. I receive your letter asking me for £42.66 (How did you reach that sum?)

Mr Hall, I am at a loss as what to do here. No matter how many people I speak to nobody wants to give me my money back. It seems that people simply cannot leave Virgin Media as the computer doesn’t know how to close down an account. You have thousands of people on your payroll who can’t do anything but the most meaningless tasks, as anything out of the ordinary requires a ‘Must speak to my manager, can I put you on hold?’ Why isn’t the manager being flagged up the minute I call in? Why isn’t the manager stepping in and sorting out this incredibly simple situation immediately instead of letting it drag on and exasperate me even more?

 Mr Hall, I cannot email you via your website as there is no one at the other end picking up the emails and replying.

I cannot telephone you as your staff can’t cope with this simple request and pass me on to somebody else, who also can’t.

I refuse to pay for services that I haven’t used but fear that the only way I shall get to speak to somebody from the Virgin Media organisation is if we go to court! At least then I can look you in the eyes and explain in Very Easy Words

You Owe Me Two Months Payment Please Refund Now.

And we’re quits, job done!

I would like to advise you that I shall be copying the content of this letter to my blog it will be the second unhappy post I blog regarding Virgin Media. The post will also be tweeted via Twitter (and I ‘follow’ Virgin Media in the hope that they pick up on this situation). I hope people comment on the blog and retweet to infinity because in this day and age of high technology and the expansion of enormous organisations like Virgin Media who declare millions of pounds profit at the end of their financial year I find it atrocious that paying customers cannot speak to somebody within the organisation and rectify the simplest of tasks.

Is it a case of having grown so much there is no longer any contact with the people who actually make your billions of profits per year?

Your company has a massive flaw that needs to be corrected at earliest. It’s pointless investing millions of pounds a year on a very successful advertising and marketing campaign IF you can’t follow through with a decent and capable customer services.

Please, please Mr Hall, can you look into this for me and see that this situation is terminated as soon as possible?

 Thanking you in advance for your kind attention to this matter

Yours sincerely

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  1. 10/11/2010 6:13 pm

    Great letter!

    I went through several months of dicking around with various members of Virgin Media’s totally inept team, involving unnecessary call-outs, numerous (pointless) disconnections and re-connections and promised call-backs that never came.

    Funny thing is, as soon as I started ranting on twitter I was contacted back and the problem was escalated and quickly (sort of) fixed.

    It seems although Virgin Media don’t know how to replace a set-top box or reset a modem without talking to at least five of their managers, they actually know how to use twitter, which is incredible.

    They certainly don’t like this sort of negative PR- which is too bad for them as they completely deserve it!

    Good luck to you- I hope this gets sorted!

    I’m going to follow you on twitter now.

    Good luck!

    • 11/11/2010 8:24 am

      Found you and I’m following you back 🙂
      This is the second time I’m contacting them and the letter should arrive today/tomorrow. Trouble is I’m not even sure if anyone (even Mr Hall) will read it or bother replying to it. I have totally lost all faith in them after this three month battle.
      Thanks for commenting – let’s hope it works!

      • 11/11/2010 2:55 pm

        I was dealing with somebody called ‘John Binns’, who eventually sorted everything. It seems that as soon as somebody actually gets on the case, as it were, then they will do their best to help.

        Even though they do seem to have made-up names

      • 11/11/2010 3:14 pm

        …what a bit like Mysterious Al you mean? 🙂

        There’s a comment already on here from a Virgin man ‘Alex Brown’ (Is he mysterious too?) asking me to contact via Twitter and as soon as I have a sec I shall. Fingers crossed it worked

  2. 10/11/2010 7:28 pm

    I had the exact same problem with BT (Ireland), it was a nightmare! Great letter, best of luck getting it sorted!

    • 11/11/2010 8:26 am

      Thanks Jen,
      I will admit to having little faith right now and it’s such a shame to have to resort to letter writing in this day and age IF the letter is ever read and dealt with that is. I shall post in the future any outcome IF ther eis one!

  3. 11/11/2010 1:46 pm

    Ouch, that doesn’t sound good and apologies for the experience you’ve had.

    If you haven’t done so already can you drop the Twitter ‘Tweam’ a e-mail (twitter @ with some details and they’ll be able to pick this one up to drive to a fast resolution?

    Many thanks

    Alex Brown
    Customer Experience
    Virgin Media

    • 11/11/2010 2:37 pm

      Thanks Alex for getting back to me, I shall tweet the Tweam as soon as I can 🙂

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