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Simplify your Christmas


Everyone is starting to panic. I don’t know how many times I have heard ‘I haven’t even started my christmas shopping yet!’ ‘Christmas is sooo expensive, I just don’t know how we can afford it this year.’ and other tell tale phrases that relay the message that people are spending too much time and effort on making this ‘The Best Christmas Ever.’


There’s no need to put on such a show, there’s no need to over spend and go into 2011’s salary already. You don’t need the new TV or sofa just because the television tell you there’s a special sale. You don’t really need a brand new dress for the special day, do you? You could easily work something with clothes from past years. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty for letting it get out of control and once you step on that busy escalator you will be propelled into a never ending shopping frenzy.

I know how difficult it is to do the supermarket circuit and not be tempted by all the wonderful delights they come up with to make your Christmas a tasty and memorable one – especially where your bank balance is concerned. I am guilty of buying too many cheeses for the cheeseboard, because I couldn’t make up my mind. I am guilty of adding extra bottles of plonk into the trolley – Just In Case. And chocolate – well let’s not go there, guilty as found.

We really must keep the original Christmas in mind when setting out to write millions of Christmas Cards. It is after all a religious festival and we seem to have glazed over that fact, absent mindedly put it to one side. I bet each and every house has a beautiful ornamented tree, pretty sparkling lights, a wreath and a fridge laden with the best products the market can offer, after all – it’s Christmas. But what about the nativity scene? Do your children know the story of Mary and Joseph? Do they know about the shepherds? The wise men?

If we keep the true Christmas in mind whilst organising our own we too can break through a lot of the fuss and material excess that doesn’t have to become a steadfaast part of our special day.

Keep it about family, you don’t have to buy the teacher, friends’ children, your milkman or anyone a present. You buy for who you wish to and for whom you can afford and it doesn’t have to be a designer handbag, tie or diamonds, buy a gesture, a token, something to make them smile.

Oxfam Unwrapped have come up with some marvellous ideas that really could make a difference to a family in need from as little as £5.00 have a look, maybe choose one to give from your children so they enter into the idea of giving to those in need. If you do have a little extra cash lying around have a look at this which really tickled my fancy. 🙂

Daisy the cow – Daisy here is one talented bovine. She can help feed the family and her manure will help grow their crops. Her surplus milk can be sold at market and her calves can help another family. She’s locally sourced, has had her jabs and can moo-ve in tomorrow. What a girl!

She costs £80, which is a substantial sum I know but think of the difference it could make to a family and in all honesty, a cow for 80 quid? A real one? That is a bargain!

Sally over at Who’s The Mummy? is holding an Oxfam Unwrapped Carnival on Monday 22nd November where there is a whole list of ideas on how to simplify your Christmas from some very crafty ladies. If you’re looking to cut corners, save some cash and give your family the best Christmas ever then hurry over for a read and see what the brilliant ideas they put to you, you won’t be sorry and your Christmas will be the Best Ever.

Would you like to take part in Oxfam Unwrapped? Then pop over to Sally’s post here for all the information on how to get yourself a badge and join in the season of goodwill.

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  1. Alessandra permalink
    22/11/2010 12:17 pm

    I absolutely agree with you Marianne, and even if, like me, you are not a religious person and don’t come from a religious background, I’ve still been taught by my parents that Christmas is about family and we try and make it a celebration of our being together and loving each others. Down with consumerism, there’s too much of that around. WE DO NOT NEED ALL THOSE THINGS!!!


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