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5pm after refusing to nap in the afternoon

So this is the state of my little girls by 5pm on a good day these days having decided unanimously to pass on their afternoon nap. Truth be known to us, Bessie would still quite happily go for a nap as she adores her bed and her sleep but if Alice aint going then neither is she and she will determinedly stay awake and suck the life out of her thumb rather than fall asleep upstairs in her comfy warm bed. (She’ll learn!)

What does this mean for me?

Well two cranky, ratty little madams by 5pm, so much so that I have altered their routine and brought teatime forward to 4.30pm. If I don’t catch them before the sleepiness sets in I’m done for and we have tears ‘Don’t like it, mummy!’ ‘Don’t want it, mummy’ It’s loud, it’s very loud and nerves are fraught – mine that is.

So another hard step to get through whilst we adjust to this new idea of theirs, it’s exhausting. I have no time for ‘me’ now in my day, home cooking has to be quick and easy or it just doesn’t get done. For example I bought some strong flour a couple of months back with the romantic notion of making us some apricot bread and it’s all still there on the side waiting, accusing me of not getting round to it.

I can’t tell you how exhausting this last period has been. I’ve found myself dreaming of going back to work rather than be here, I think I’d be less tired, have less mouth ulcers through lack of sleep and get paid on top of all that! I’ve found myself dreaming of sending them both to nursery, even just for a morning a week. I’ll have to check prices and see if we can stretch to it as something has to be done before mummy keels over KO!

I’m happy, I adore them, I wouldn’t have it any other way but I’m letting off steam as I close down the PC and pick up the play dough before tackling the humungous pile of ironing that attends me…they’ll be grown up before I know it and I will pine after these moments so bear with me while I download on you just for a moment in time.

Ciao ciao Mari xx

This is post is for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers where the theme is Black and White, which very much seems to describe the way I am feeling recently. I have lost the ability to do grey right now whilst I concentrate on gaining the energy needed to complete a full day.

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  1. 24/11/2010 3:28 pm

    You’re going through the same as me but with double trouble. All the same problems with her getting grumpy without her nap. We found that nursery for a day is only fractionally more than half a day and now we get one day a week (today!!!) of peace to chill. The rest of the week bedtimes are a challenge and night times a nightmare right now. Full kudos for you coping with it with twice the impact!

    • 25/11/2010 2:11 pm

      Thanks! On one hand I cna’t wait to be over this phase and on the other I don’t want them to grow up to quickly. One thing I know for sure is I need mroe energy NOW. I’m going to look into nursery maybe after Christmas. Thanks for commenting

  2. 24/11/2010 3:36 pm

    oooooooh! so gorgeous ! Always love mine the best when asleep : 0 (only joking, well maybe some of the time ) xx

    • 25/11/2010 2:12 pm

      I think they look even cuter whilst they sleep, a certain naivety? innocense that brings out a superhuman protection quality in me 🙂 Oh and the silence is bliss too 😀

  3. 24/11/2010 5:32 pm

    That is just gorgeous. My little one is 21 months and most days is skipping her nap, but oh boy do I pay for it. She is at that in between stage where she really does need a short one, but she just won’t! Jen

    • 25/11/2010 2:13 pm

      I so understand you and they won’t listen will they? It’s not till they’re aroudn 20 that the saying ‘Mum knows best’ actually is true for them and so we plod on. Nice to see you again

  4. 24/11/2010 9:03 pm

    Ahhh so peaceful when they’re asleep!!

  5. christinemosler permalink
    24/11/2010 9:26 pm

    What a perfect picture! You are right, it passes so quickly ‘though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Big sympathy to you from one on the other side!

    • 25/11/2010 2:15 pm

      Thank you. I am trying to enjoy all of this but sometimes they do make it so hard. Nice to see you

  6. 24/11/2010 9:39 pm

    Oh wow, those girls are stunning and it is no wonder you are shattered. I remember going through similar and having the coldspots and ulcers too. I hope that you can afford the nursery to help a little

    • 25/11/2010 2:17 pm

      On one hand I want the nursery NOW on the other I’m reluctant to let them go just yet. A mixture of emotions but I think my energy levels need serious recharging. Maybe after Christmas, they’ll be 2 and a half then. Thanks for coming by

  7. 25/11/2010 11:53 am

    I remember the 5 o’clock slump phase very well and used to put them to bed at 16.45 hrs problem then was they were awake at 4am next day, you must remember our family tease
    ” Mum goes to bed after she has listened to ‘ The Archers ‘ ” It was true !! Fresh pineapple is the cure for mouth ulcers.

    • 25/11/2010 2:19 pm

      Thanks for the pineapple tip! My mouth has been like this for over a month now, very irritating. Your kids always tease you about anything and everything. I didn’t realise they were telling the truth! 😀 Take care you! xx

  8. 25/11/2010 1:44 pm

    Bless them! I can remember mouring the time when my youngest gave up afternoon naps

    • 25/11/2010 2:21 pm

      Tell me about it! It was my ‘me time’ and now they’ve taken that too. At least I know that from 7.30pm onwards, life starts to resemble a kind of normality – only I’m too tired to do anything by then 🙂 Onwards and upwards xx

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