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Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums


My twin toddlers are doing their utmost to take me to the edge of sanity recently by perfecting their skills in throwing a tantrum when mummy is least expecting it and least prepared for it and it’s Doing My Head In!! I have even contemplated going back to work at some points just to get away from the terrors little darlings.

So when  browsing through my Blogger.Ed forum I noticed an offer to review a CD ‘Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums’ Well that pricked my ears up! anything to turn a tantrum around had to be tried so I wrote off with ALL of my details and lucky me, I got sent one.

As soon as it arrived mid morning, I ripped open the packaging and stuck it straight in the stereo, pressed play and turned to my monsters angels with a ‘Now we’ll see’ smile on my face. The music started as I sat down at the table to savour a fresh cup of tea in peace….

‘Oh mummy! Dancing. Come on!’ Bessie came over and dragged me by hand into the centre of the room to dance to the really catchy music blasting out from the stereo and my tea went cold as we all three danced and enjoyed the music.

The songs are all really clear and by the end of each one we (I) could already join in the chorus and more importantly relate to which tantrum it would serve! Mealtimes, toothbrushing, nappy change, bathtime. Each tantrum carefully catered for by 10 original songs. It became quickly evident that after a few listens we would know the words and be able to sing them all. The Girls Liked Them and I think that is fundamental in this product.

The aim is to defuse the situation by turning it around and making it fun. Vicky Arlidge a BAFTA and Emmy award winner, also mother to two, which probably helped more in the compilation of this CD, is a musician and composer. She has come up with some very catchy lyrics that will have every parent in the land, tapping their feet and moving in time to the rhythms. My personal favourite is Space Buggy – ‘Zoom, zoom, zoom, you can’t catch me! My buggy’s the fastest you will ever see.’ It also has a 5-1 countdown which really makes the anticipation more exciting and fun and gets everyone to the start line ready to make a dash for it! Brilliant for when we’re in a hurry – which is often.

To see if I was alone with my newfound passion for Tunes 4 Toddlers I took it into the Twins Club and asked the other mums for some feedback. All of them liked the songs and their catchy tunes, they all agreed they could use one of these CDs themselves and thought it was a brilliant idea.

So if you have a little monster who refuses to stay still to have their nappy changed – ‘We’ll have a little wipe and make me nice and clean / then I’ll have the cleanest bottom you have ever seen’ could be for you. Head over to Tunes 4 Toddlers for more information and to print off the lyrics that will make your life tantrum free as it really does work.

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  1. 29/11/2010 5:29 pm

    oh wow, YES YES YES 😀

  2. 30/11/2010 7:55 am

    Brilliant. I NEED this right now. My little man is going through his own very special banshee phase. Multiple times each day. It’s so lovely (please note massive amount of sarcasm).

    • 30/11/2010 11:06 am

      It workld, my two love it and as soon as it’s on they are darling angels once again, we’re busy learning the songs and applying them when the tantrum looks likely. Takes a few listens but the children love it 🙂

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