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Twins – 28 months


Two and a third. That’s how old they are now and don’t we know it!

Although their differences are becoming more and more prominent we can also see how they are racing to learn about everything around them. Alice has really become a little chatterbox. She is very entertaining, coming up with so many new words that she constantly amazes me. Apart from nouns they’re also including adverbs into the daily discussion, too big, small, high, heavy. They still haven’t quite got the hang of colours yet but that doesn’t stop them trying to guess. Bessie is quieter, a more reserved child. She knows the words and the phrases but chooses to let her sister speak for her. Sometimes she won’t answer a question even after three times, quite annoying.

They seem to know whose toys are whose, there is an unwritten rule and sometimes when one sister tries to play with the others’ toy all hell is let loose. Between themselves they use noise to fight the issue together with tugs, pushing and pulling the desired object towards themselves. This causes toppling over and big tears, both for losing the toy and for the ‘Hurt, mummy, my hurt!’

Playing with Vicky, our Italian friend

I’m still struggling to read to them daily which I would like to be able to do, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day or energy in my bones! However when we do read I’m a little disheartened as Bessie won’t sit still and listen yet and Alice has been known to up and leave for something more interesting half way through! I must either 1.perfect my reading skills, 2. tie them down or 3. read more often so they get used to it!

As far as food is concerned they have become very fussy and I really don’t know why. They will now refuse fish fingers which were always a major hit. I manage to tempt Alice with some salmon but Bessie is not having any of it. Foods they liked only a few months ago are now on the ‘don’t like it’ list which is frustrating and annoying. It must be said they have both been ill at different times this month and that never helps with the appetite equation. I did try to offer new cereals this month to drag them away from their beloved Cheerios but Ready Brek, Wheetos and Shreddies all got the thumbs down. I tried a few new Annabel Karmel recipes too but if they don’t recognise it, they cry and say ‘No mummy, don’t like it’ It’s really difficult to persuade them to try it and we have found the only way is by giving them foodstuffs off our plates. Then they will try it!  For some absurd reason this doesn’t happen when it comes to sweets they have never seen before. They are always good to try!

Sticking and glueing

Alice has discovered her nose and frequently can be found exploring with her finger, the more I tell her to leave her nose alone, the more she continues so I’m letting her get on with it and hoping she’s soon satisfied that it’s nothing special. Bessie no longer has a bottle of milk in the evening but Alice still does, I’m reluctant to stop her as she enjoys it so much. Maybe my next step will to be to offer evening milk from a beaker rather than a bottle.

They have both dropped their afternoon nap this past couple of months and that has to be the hardest hurdle to overcome as I am exhausted at the end of the day but so are they, even more so. In fact I’ve had to drag teatime to an earlier 4pm to catch them before they go into meltdown. This ‘No Nap’ nonsense makes for cranky, ratty, difficult evenings and I hope they start to get used to it soon as it is hard work.

As for creativity, we ‘do colouring’. They can manage the crayons very well and are now drawing big circles and little ones. They use one colour most of the time and Alice has started to change colour half way through. We have tried Play Dough on a couple of occasions, it’s very messy and they like to do it on their own but they haven’t mastered the rolling and using the cut outs yet. We have tried glueing and that was even messier! But they did enjoy it 🙂 I have to be in the right frame of mind to do craft with them but as the days are becoming colder and wetter we do seem to be giving it a go more often. Finger painting should be next on the list, once I can build up my courage.

Just couldn't wait that extra half an hour for bedtime

Dressing up is a favourite, hats, old jewellery of mine, scarves, gloves and wands all get used and they really enjoy it.

Favourite toys are still the pushchairs, with or without dolls and sometimes filled with cars! Happyland from ELC, tricycles, play house, puzzles – they can now manage 3-4 piece puzzles and play washing machines, microwaves and cash registers. Oddly they’re not very taken with the toy iron I bought them?

They both love ‘outside’, jumping in muddy puddles (thanks for that Peppa Pig!) is a massive favourite, we have managed to walk to the shops and back a couple of times now and of course a trip to the local park or country walk is always a hit.

They can now follow a DVD and I would like to buy them Toy Story 3 as I haven’t seen it yet. We had our first Build A Bear party this month, Bessie was a bit overwhelmed by it all but Alice really enjoyed herself and although she probably didn’t take it all in she smiled all the way through. They both adore cuddly toys and their cots are full of them, however, their favourites have never changed.

Potty training still on the backburner however Alice did show an interest earlier on this month, I managed to take her nappy off, sit her on the potty and catch a wee but then she decided she didn’t want to try again, so we’ll try again after Christmas

I think the thing I notice most about my girls is they are no longer ‘my babies’. They are fiercely independent these days wanting to do everything themselves and hating when I have to step in. Their little bodies are moving from the baby/toddler stage to a more’ little girl’ look and we can talk and understand each other.

Fun times!

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  1. 30/11/2010 9:10 pm

    They are so darling! My good friend and neighbor has twins who turned two in August and there are a lot of similarities. Her little girl is very talkative and outgoing, her little boy is quiet and reserved.

    It’s been fun to watch them grow these last two years…

    • 02/12/2010 3:18 pm

      Yes, I’m sure and it’ll be a lot of fun watching my two grow and seeing how their characters develop 🙂

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