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My Christmas Party


Oh lucky, lucky me. I got a sought after place at the BMB Christmas party lunch thanks to the wonderful Karin over at Cafe Bebe who found me a place and was happy for me to take the girls along. So I strapped the girls into the car and set off for London Town to enjoy a delicious meal sponsored by the wonderful people at Heinz.

I will admit to being very nervous that morning, so much so I was awake at 6am and tweeting by 7.00am. Nervous? Me? Well how would you feel walking into a room of 60 people none of whom you have ever met before? Maybe they wouldn’t like me? Maybe I wouldn’t be their cup of tea? Maybe I would be way out of my depth and just want to run for the hills. HELP!!!!

I can imagine that after a few times at this game, it loses its initial anxiety hit and becomes a happier mingle, shaking of hands, passing around business cards (No, I didn’t have any) and getting on with networking and enjoying a wonderful event but yesterday I surprised myself with how uncomfortable I was feeling at the prospect of rubbing shoulders with some of the best bloggers in Britain. Would I be taken into the fold with the creme della creme? Or would I be greeted with sneers – ‘Who did you say you were? No I don’t think I’ve ever heard of you.’

OH the shame! At least I had the girls with me. I could dive into my nappy bag and rustle around importantly and make-believe I was incredibly important, efficient and confident.

As it goes, it all turned out completely differently. I was greeted in the Crypt of St Martin’s in the Field, a beautiful venue, by Susanna herself, founder of British Mummy Bloggers forum. And she knew who I was! I finally got to meet @cosmicgirlie who has had me in stitches over the past few months since I started to follow her on Twitter, she even claims to have tweeted with MC Hammer…I didn’t like to boast about my 1 tweet I received in reply from @wossy my favourite Jonathon Ross 🙂 I’ve noticed since Mocha Beanie Mummy has started up a Silent Sunday meme, being an excellent photographer herself she encourages the blog world to take a photo and post it on her link on a Sunday, no words – let the photo speak, there are some beautiful entries, some that have you in fits of laughter and many more that are worth a visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

So, who did I meet? Cherished By Me, Young and Younger, fellow twin mum, The American Resident and then lots of new bloggers to me like Maison Cupcake who’s blog is jam packed with competitions, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s even a Nigella competition which you may be interested in. Super Amazing Mum who has only been blogging for 6 weeks and Mummy Limited who sat next to me with her beautiful 12 week old little girl…broody? Me? VERY, she was adorable.

One excellent initiative was a book swap! We were all asked to bring a gently used book that we had thoroughly enjoyed and were happy to pass on. A tricky one for me, as I had always been a hoarder of books until a house fire burnt them all, even the ones I hadn’t read and was saving ‘for the right moment’ so after that brutal experience I tend to read books and pass them on as swiftly as possible, however I did find one that I had enjoyed – Before I Die by Jenny Downham. It may sound quite morbid but it isn’t. You read through the eyes of a 16 year old who is terminally ill and you follow her through her list of ‘Things To Do’ before she dies and one includes sex and falling in love which she manages 🙂 It’s frank, it’s open, it brings you to tears in places but you fly through the book and don’t want to put it down.

The book I brought home was brought in by Kelly. She chose a Marian Keyes Sushi for Beginners, a fun chick lit read which I shall enjoy (once I get the time) but what makes it extra special is the inside cover has a code in it and by inserting this code at Book Crossing you can track all of the places this particular book has visited and been read. What a brilliant idea! It’s a world wide library so if you would be interested in reading this book after me, please leave a comment below and I shall choose one at random via and send it on to you.

Of course when you go to events like these you come away with a goody bag 🙂 and Heinz came up trumps with this little lot. A bottle of ketchup called Your Secret Ingredient, even Marco Pierre White admitted the other day on live TV to using dashes of the sauce here and there to enhance flavours in his world famous food. A handy wooden spoon, a lovely bright red apron to cheer me up on a grey English day and best of all a Tomato shaped squirty bottle! Fabulous.

All in all a perfect Christmas party – thank you!

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  1. 10/12/2010 6:49 pm

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my CyberMummy 100 club post. Really sorry but 66 is already taken.
    Do you want to pop back an pick another one?

  2. 10/12/2010 7:01 pm

    ooohh, the tomato shaped squirty bottle is the business, bet the girls will love it 🙂 Jen

    • 10/12/2010 8:52 pm

      Can you imagine setting them loose with that???? A nightmare! It’s just so 70’s don’t you think? I love it, it will take proud place at next year BBQ’s

  3. 10/12/2010 10:20 pm

    A wonderful event! Glad you had a great time!
    Have a great day, too!!!

    • 13/12/2010 9:46 am

      Thank you, I had a perfect time and a delicious meal, thansk for coming by

  4. 11/12/2010 12:27 am

    Mari, what an interesting post! I have yet to attend any blogging functions, and I know for sure no one would know who I was!

    • 13/12/2010 9:47 am

      AH but once they found out you’d be surrounded with people wanting to know you, I know I’d like to meet you for real 🙂

  5. 11/12/2010 12:44 am

    Sounds like a fun event! I haven’t met any bloggers in real life yet!

    • 13/12/2010 9:48 am

      After the initial stage fright it’s a really lovely meet up, lots of similar people you’d have never bumped into hadn’t it been for that particular event 😀

  6. 11/12/2010 12:55 am

    Was just reading your post about sitting next to an adorable 12-week-old baby girl, and thought: ‘What a coincidence – I have one of those too!’ Then I realised you were talking about MY adorable 12-week-old baby girl!!!!! Except we’re not Mummy Limited, but Mummy’s Little Monkey (all those ‘Mummys’ in the house got very confusing!!) And talking about adorable girls, I seem to recall you had a couple of them yourself… Glad to hear you had a great time at the Xmas party – it was fun, wasn’t it? My only complaint is that it went far too quickly. Now I’m just passing time till CyberMummy… 🙂

    • 13/12/2010 9:49 am

      Arrrrghhhh, I’m so sorry, at leat I told you on the day what my memory was like:) glad you put us all straight and once again love your blog and your baby is so beautiful x
      see you at cybermummy 🙂

  7. 14/12/2010 10:02 am

    Great post! I’ve just added your post to the BMB linky about the party. Hope that’s OK!

  8. 17/12/2010 9:08 am

    Just checking back in here after getting the BMB bulletin this week – I thought I’d already commented the other day but apparently not! It was lovely to meet you last week and I hope you manage to get to Cybermummy so we get longer to enjoy ourselves!

    • 17/12/2010 4:25 pm

      Hello Sarah, it was lovely to meet you too and yes, I shall be going to the ball that is Cybermummy so will definitely catch up there – trouble is we’ll have far too much to say adn not enough time to say it all, that’s always the way isn’t it? Lovely to see you again.


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