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Stock up your first aid kit!

How many mums do I know right now are home in bed themselves, have children suffering or other halves with Man flu? It seems like all of us are going down with, suffering or recovering from one bug or another. In fact there are so many viruses out there even the doctor’s don’t bother naming them anymore! The amount of times I have run my treasures to the doctors for emergency appointments to get them checked over and just get a shrug of the shoulders from our GP as he doesn’t know which virus or bug it is but he’s happy it will pass and treasure will get better.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Girl makes sure her first aid kit is well stocked from the 1st September, just before schools reopen, through till…well April I’d say when hopefully the sun will shine and the bugs will miraculously disappear off the face of the Earth for a while and allow us to enjoy a beautiful summer.

I was asked recently what I kept at home in my first aid kit and it was very easy to answer.

  1. Thermometer – I have a digital ear one and it’s marvellous for half sleepy toddlers who don’t want to co-operate
  2. Teething gel – but we are on the way out now as most teeth have cut, the molars particularly nasty though
  3. A paracetamol based infant suspension. Brilliant for taking the edge off pain from 2 months onwards
  4. An Ibuprofen based product, for when the situation calls for a touch more help to soothe a suffering child
  5. A vapour rub – marvellous for snotty, stuffed noses and a good tickle on applying
  6. Capsules, to break on the bedclothes for an extra boost during particularly bad nights, (I use Karvol ones)
  7. A Karvol Plug In.

Point 7 has proved to be my number one saviour on so many occasions that I ran out to replace the one I’ve been using for the past two years recently. I will not go on holiday, face a new autumn/winter season or even go to bed if I don’t have a Karvol Plug-in in my house on hand should I need it. In many books you are told raising the cot at one end helps a baby breath whilst sleeping and I do do this but I know that plugging in my handy contraption will help so much more.

It doesn’t fill the room with a stifling smell, you only get a faint whiff of nose opening perfumes such as pine, cinnamon and menthol that bring a smile to your face as you recognise you may get a few hours sleep tonight. Because let’s face it, a poorly child breaks our hearts. If only we could take the bug from them and carry it ourselves, save them from the misery of stuffed blocked noses, sore throats and headaches that they struggle with their limited language to let us know about.

So the minute I notice something untoward in my toddlers I run for my box and check I have at least one refill – they last three days, that is good and ample time to get more in if needs be. And then like the rest of you I settle myself for some broken nights, some tears and a lot of washing depending on the virus.

Make sure you have a Karvol Plug in for the months ahead it will become your number one mate in the Battle of the Bug!

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  1. 13/12/2010 3:44 pm

    Ooh, the capsules to break on the pillow are an excellent idea, never thought of that. Thanks:) Jen

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