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Alice in Beautyland



I am soooo lucky! I have had the immense pleasure of a home visit from Alice this morning. This delightful young lady took up the massive challenge I threw her way last week and I’m sure after reading this you are going to be so impressed.

Alice is a fully qualified Beauty Therapist completing her NVQ level 3 in 2008. She has since set herself up as a mobile Beauty Salon and offers all sorts of marvellous treatments to be had in the comfort of your home which for busy mum’s like me is a Godsend. Alice recognises that most women today when they make their financial cutbacks in the family finances, their very own beauty treatments are amongst the first victims on the hit list. She also knows that most busy mums (myself included) don’t have the time to pamper themselves and frequently wish they could.

So she adjusted her price list accordingly so it reflects that she has no overheads such as pricey rents, and heating bills to cover and this makes her services that more accessible to us. In fact if you are still stuck for presents for members of the family book a manicure like I  had for your mum to enjoy at her leisure in the new year or for a special occasion. Maybe treat a pregnant lady to one of her Pregnancy back massages, half an hour of pure bliss and easing of tensions built up with carrying all that extra weight on the front.

 Alice says one of her best-selling products are the spray tans. So if you do want to look sun-kissed for a party or a Caribbean cruise coming up then do keep her in mind.

Tough job

final touches

Finished product

Ta-dah! ...see my gems?

So my ‘Challenge Alice’ was a manicure. Let me warn you that I am no nail lady, nails that aren’t broken by simply opening a drawer or grabbing a toddler back from a busy road do not get the luxury of a nail by nail manicure. They are usually submitted to a quick chop or file from the emery board closest to me. I cannot remember for the life of me I last painted them and the maximum TLC my hands get is a dollop of cream when the skin has started to break from the freezing cold or harsh cleaning products. Getting the picture?

Well I think she did a marvellous job and I am typing very daintily as I have a beautiful gems on my little fingers which I aim to still have there on Christmas Day. Here take a look at our before and after photos that are proof of her ability and skill in turning even my hands around

I have one more request to put to you before you leave me today, you see Alice is 19 and setting herself up in business rather than claim jobseekers allowance as many of our young are forced to do. It’s an incredibly tough economic climate out there for the hardened business people so we have created her a Facebook page where she can reach out and contact possible clients. We kindly ask you to pass by and LIKE her page please. This will allow her to get an audience and hopefully one step at a time grow a successful business. I hope you get the chance to meet her and try for yourself her fabulous range of treatments.

If whilst you’re at the LIKING bit you’d like to pop by and LIKE my page, I would be over the moon, I can’t promise a decent manicure but I can entertain you with my drivel. Mwah mwah xx

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  1. kathryn (ex ourprivateblog) permalink
    15/12/2010 6:00 am

    I know what you mean about being a no nail lady – I’m the same but have just booked myself in for a manicure next week – my hands are so looking their age!! (like the rest of me unfortunately) – and the girl I go to started in much the same way as Alice (and now has a successful little busy of her own – in fact the manicure for next week was booked in 3 weeks ago!!) – and as I was reading your post I was actually thinking ‘good on you Alice’ for going out and looking for work rather than waiting for it to fall in her lap – I wish my nieces had some of her ‘get up and go’ (1 does and the other 3 don’t) – so yes, I popped over and ‘liked’ her page. Oh, and your nails look great!!!!

    • 16/12/2010 2:52 pm

      Oh wow, now I’m curious ex Ourprivateblog? So lovely to see you here again and I’ll ask Alice if she goes to Chiselhurst and get back to you via FB x

  2. kathryn (ex ourprivateblog) permalink
    15/12/2010 6:29 am

    ps would she go as far as Chislehurst? (my geography of that part of the world is not good…..)

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