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Dresses and shoes for the 2010-11 party season


And there you have it! The girl’s party frocks for this christmas (and beyond) in fact invite us to a party and we shall be wearing these little outfits here which are FULL of sparkle. More sparkle than you could shake a stick at.

In fact one of my fondest memories of Christmas is having something Brand New to wear for the day – my christmas outfit which made me feel so special but also made the day that little bit more special too. I can also remember having a clean bed to jump into regardless of the day of the week or when it had last been changed, Santa always got me in fresh bed covers, brand new jimjams and struggling like hell to shut my eyes and go to sleep. I think new toothbrushes were also part of the Christmas Eve ‘We’re finally off to bed’ fiesta. It will be something I encourage with the girls as I believe one of the hardest things is getting them into bed and to sleep on the night before Christmas.

…and I will not hold back on sharing and encouraging in them my love of clothes and sparkle especially at Christmas time. I remember when Megan was a little girl, one year my mum bought her a dress with a black velvet top and a silver silk skirt printed with black stars. She adored it and I couldn’t for the life of me get it off her quick enough to wash it before she had it back on. Yes it did look ridiculous walking along snowy streets of a ski resort with big snow boots and puffa jacket on top but that little madam was determined she was going to sparkle, snow or no snow.

I have spent the last half an hour in vain searching for the cable that connects the printer to the PC to scan a photo of Megan in her dress and I am so annoyed with myself that it’s not in its usual place, I can’t find it anywhere and we’re due off to Twins Club in minutes so I shall post for now and should I come across the cable later I’ll edit the post to show Megan’s dress.

In the meantime, have you got something sparkly for Crimbo this year?

Dresses, Mothercare £25.00, Shoes, Next, £12.00

Edit. 15/12 13.39 circa

I found the cable, it had fallen on the floor whilst I had been plugging the printer in! I am having a very ‘Doh!’ day today but here is the picture of megan I promised earlier

Christmas circa 1996 (?)

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  1. 15/12/2010 10:00 am

    Oooh they are lovely! I always loved getting dressed up in my Christmas outfits when I was wee! 🙂

    • 15/12/2010 1:49 pm

      Me too Nic! It does add to the excitement of the day doesn’t it? Maybe I should have ironed the quilt a bit before takign the photo though 🙂

  2. Alessandra permalink
    15/12/2010 10:32 am

    Remember to post a picture of the lovely twins wearing their gorgeous outfits!! they’ll look splendid. xx

  3. 15/12/2010 12:20 pm

    Gosh they are gorgeous Mari. You have made me think about this as I always remember having really lovely clothes for Xmas day and whilst I buy lots of clothes for my girls I tend to buy nice but practical clothes as I worry abont the cost. I might just have to rethink!

    Mich x

    • 15/12/2010 1:51 pm

      You’re right I always do practical and find myself dressing them mostly in trousers and tops so they can play without getting skirts stuck or worrying about dirt. But every now and then it’s lovely to throw a ‘special dress’ into the equation and they adore dressing up, they giggle with glee and start prancing around -it’s really quite funny. I’m sure over the course of the eyar we’ll get a good use out of them.

  4. 15/12/2010 1:15 pm

    Those are simply lovely. even though I am a hug tom boy myself I miss the fact that I can no longer dress my girls in pretty sparkly things. Damn them and their sense of fashion!

    • 15/12/2010 1:54 pm

      When Megan grew into a teenager, it was heartbreaking to see my beautiful daughter in torn jeans that were as low as low could be (many an argument there!) too much make up and old dirty trainers – because They Are In Mum! sigh, couldn’t get her in a skirt for love nor money.
      She’s grown out of that now so seeing as I know the day will come I’m making the most of it now

  5. 15/12/2010 2:27 pm

    What beautiful party frocks! Little, tiny girlie dresses are so lovely…

    • 16/12/2010 1:27 pm

      Aren’t they adorable? Can’t wait to try them on and I will take track suits in a bag so they can change and roll on the floor too 🙂

  6. 16/12/2010 12:39 am

    I love their dresses, very georgous indeed. I remember having a dress something like the black velvet one!

    • 16/12/2010 1:32 pm

      Thanks I think they are gorgeous too. IN fact i wouldn’t mind one myself…*sigh* those were the days! 🙂

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