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Book – chapter 1.4


Chapter 1.4

If you missed the last part you can go here chapter 1.3 and please remember this work has been copyrighted.

Sophie opened her eyes and wondered what had woken her up. Her bedroom was dark and silent, the only noise was Giovanni’s steady breathing next to her as he enjoyed a deep sleep. London was eerily quiet outside as if the whole city was sleeping. Waiting for tomorrow.

Their last night together, Sophie remembered and turned towards Giovanni’s back snuggling as close as she possibly could and taking in his smell to make sure it would stay with her over the next months he was to return to Italy to work in his family’s hotel. Two months they’d been together now and their friendship had taken off like a rocket leading to them seeing each other almost every day. Giovanni had become her best friend and soul mate. She couldn’t believe it was coming to an end, she had tried her best not to think about this moment but now in the deep of the night, their last night together, her eyes filled with tears as she contemplated a lonely Christmas and New Year without him.

He had told her he would come back, he had repeated time and time again he loved her and wanted to be with her but his parents were old and needed his help. He had to return and she couldn’t have done anything to change his mind, she knew she shouldn’t even try but gracefully accept her fate. A beautiful story that was swiftly being called time on her and she would just have to deal with it as best as she could. She had had holiday romances in the past and she knew from experience that they never  worked. The distance was just too much and the love, the passion soon died from lack of nurture.

She got out of bed as quietly as possible making her way to the kitchen for a glass of water. She couldn’t help but think back over the past two months, how they’d met, the first time they’d made love and of course the heroin incident. Thank goodness after that night they’d gone out as a couple rather than with Fabrizio and Stefano and drugs had never been an issue again. She knew it was wrong and she wasn’t anxious for a replay but she also realised that should it happen again she would probably have gone along with it anyway just to be with Giovanni.

She gulped quickly at the glass of water quenching her thirst caused from dehydration thanks to the alcohol sunk that evening. Giovanni frequently remarked that she drank too much, she couldn’t understand why he said this and put it down to him joking! Everyone drank these days, it was the one thing that she enjoyed from her college days, from the moment she was ‘allowed’ to legally. Surely taking drugs was way worse?

She stopped herself contemplating what the future would bring and jumped back in bed to enjoy to the full her last hours with Giovanni. Tomorrow was still hours away.

He hugged her, he promised to return as soon as the Christmas season had gone quiet, after the ‘Epifania’ he had said and had explained it was the 6th of January when the tourists left the ski resort to return to jobs, schools and normal life. She believed him, she wanted to believe him, he seemed so sincere, his love so strong, how could he be faking it? No, she must trust her instincts and have faith that he would return however remote that might seem right now. Tears ran down her cheeks as they exchanged one final hug and he took his bag to board the Gatwick Express. She hated the sound of the whistle shrieking in her ear and she wished with all her heart she could board the train with him, give up her life in London and just stay by his side forever.

The train pulled slowly out of Victoria station and she sobbed as she waved at him through the window. She saw he too was distraught and she prayed they would meet again.

As the sound of screeching metal against metal accompanied the train as it made its way out of the station Sophie decided that she couldn’t possibly go home like this, she’d go to the shop and meet Fabrizio. He was the closest thing she had to Giovanni right now, he would know what to say and help her mend her breaking heart. She jumped on the tube and made her way to Piccadilly Circus arriving luckily just before Fabrizios’ lunch break.

‘Hello baby, he’s gone eh? You sad? Don’t be sad. Come to lunch with me, I’m going in five minutes.’

Sophie decided to hang around, after all she’d taken the whole day off and had nothing better to do. A quarter of an hour later they were heading to The Stockpot, their local cheap restaurant offering hot meals for the price of a sandwich, you had to share your table with other customers, there were no airs and graces but the food was wholesome and good. They carried their trays back to two free seats and as they ate, Sophie poured her heart out.

‘I just never thought I’d feel like that for someone, I’m totally in love and I just want to be sure he’s coming back?’

‘Baby, he’s a good looking man. He owns a hotel and he’s big back in his town, you know he’s got ladies running after him all the time. I don’t think he’s coming back you know? You’re young baby. You had fun! Come on. Now you’re feeling bad but a couple of days and it’ll all be gone. Tell you what, you wanna come to a party with me and Stefano on Saturday? You let your hair down. We have a ‘tiro’ and you relax. Whadaya say?’

‘No. Thanks Fabrizio, but I’m just not feeling up to it right now.’ Sophie had been knocked sideways by the ease with which Fabrizio had told her the man she loved and trusted would not be coming back. He seemed so sure of what he was saying and she could completely understand his honesty with her. Of course Giovanni was inundated with gorgeous women! How stupid she’d been to think that this could have been for real.

‘Ok baby. You change your mind, you call me ok! You’re gonna be fine, I know it.’

Sophie left after lunch heading straight back to the comforting walls of her flat, she stopped at a local off license and bought cigarettes, wine and chocolate to accompany her that first lonely evening and once inside with the door tightly shut behind her the tears came, relentlessly. She had believed him and then  discovered he was just like all the others, Fabrizio had told her so. And how could she not agree with him? Giovanni was handsome, funny, he always said the right thing at the right time. Of course he could pick and choose as he pleased she should just count herself lucky for having spent that short amount of time with him. The wine was soon gone, the chocolate too and Sophie collapsed into bed thankful that her thoughts had finally been quietened.

Three days later George called her, ‘Alright? What you been up to? Haven’t seen you in a while. Fancy a meal on Friday?’

Why not? Giovanni had called her a couple of times but she couldn’t get Fabrizio’s words out of her head. She couldn’t believe Giovanni. She couldn’t see how she and Giovanni were ever going to be a couple in the real sense of the word. What harm could come of an innocent meal out with her ex? Right now she needed some attention and she needed to get out of the house. George was willing and what harm could come of it? After all it was simple meal with an old friend. She took him up on his offer and started to look forward to having a date to go on, to take her mind off of Giovanni.

Funnily enough they had a great time, , when he wanted, could be very sweet and entertaining. He told her a friend of his, a supplier to a Michelin starred Restaurant in Mayfair had heard they were looking for a receptionist, if she liked he’d be able to get her an interview.

‘If I like? Of course I’d like. That would be great. Can you call him?’ What a fantastic turn around that would be, a proper job at long last, in the industry she had trained for too.

George came back to Sophie’s flat and called his friend to ask to arrange an interview. They poured some more wine and like old times George rolled a spliff. It took all of her powers of persuasion to convince him to go home as it became quickly obvious that wasn’t his intention. With the door firmly shut behind her and George safely in a taxi, Sophie fell into bed with relief, yes she’d had a good evening but it didn’t come anywhere close to an evening with Giovanni. Sophie was now hoping she’d get a job interview and a start in the right direction at least career wise.

With that thought her exhausted eyes shut and she slept deeply without dreams for the first time since Giovanni’s departure.

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