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Feeding fussy toddlers


Have you heard of Ella’s Kitchen? They produce all sorts of scrummy delights for babies from the weaning stage through to toddlers and on seeing an offer of trialing products in exchange for writing a review I shot my hand up high. As anyone with toddlers knows, they can be extremely testing at times with regards to food, and my two are no exception. They had, over a period of time, taken it upon themselves to start refusing various foods that previously had been ‘Top Of The Lister’s’. I was anxious to expand their culinary repertoire and this looked like an ideal opportunity.

Well I have had the box of goodies now for a month and we’ve nearly done them all, obviously with Christmas bang in the middle of our trial we paused whilst we grazed on turkey, gravy and Christmas pudding but once the tree came down it was back on track and raring to go.

My two aren’t fussy and they are fussy. They take it in turns to get my back up when it comes to meals. All of a sudden they will refuse salmon. Why? I was getting to the point where we had only a few meals readily accepted and I didn’t want to end up with fussy eaters. I put it down to ‘off days’, teething,’ ‘feeling under the weather’ and many other terms as it is just unexplainable however, on receipt of the box from our friendly postman I took it into the front room and was instantly surrounded.

‘Ohhh, what’s that mummy?’

‘I wonder?’ I replied smiling from ear to ear and cashing in on their undivided attention of opening a ‘present’.

‘Ohhhh, look,’ I said as I pulled out the smoothie pouches in four different flavours.

I quickly unscrewed the tops and handed them one each, they laughed as they haven’t had a ‘drink’ out of a pouch. But the bright colours caught their eye and down the drink went – no mess either, they just suck through the tube. Simples! These will definitely become part of my summer picnics and travel snacks!

‘What mummy got?’ they asked wide-eyed as I pulled our treasure out onto the coffee table.

‘Pack ‘o’ snacks,’ I replied. Cute, colourful triangular packets of goodness, with a choice between ‘the chewy one’ and ‘the chompy one’. I love the way the names are appealing to children..and me … we opened them up and a lot of ‘mmmming’ went on as they munched the bits of raisins, apricots, apples and other fruits. Definite winner for travel bags and again picnics. Ideal for those ‘I’m hungry mummy’ out of meal time requests and handy cupboard stock.

What else?

Pasta and rice with sauces to go with them. Now the unique difference here is that each portion is in a separate bag and all you have to do is pop the bag of rice or pasta into boiling water and hey presto, no mess, no fuss and the little bits don’t get lost through the sieve. Perfect and I only wish I had discovered this when the girls had moved onto pasta at 12 months or so. It would have been ideal. As far as reviewing goes, they adored the ‘Italian One’ sauce and woofed it down asking for more. Rice has never been popular around here unless hidden in sauce and I am still struggling to get them to finish it. I have one bag each to go with the Indian sauce and then I’m done and I know that even if they don’t eat it I will as the tastes are delicious.

As my girls grow from toddlers to pre-schoolers, I think we will continue to use the Pack ‘o’ Snacks and the Smoothies but if you are weaning your baby and want to diversify their tastes I can thoroughly recommend the pasta and rice sachets with the sauces.

A note must be made that each product is made from 100% organic products, nothing added or taken away, just pure goodness and also special attention has been made to the packaging ensuring it is recyclable. Together with TerraCycle you can send your food pouches and Pack O Snack wrappers free of charge to TerraCycle and they will upcycle them into children’s bibs, bags for mummy, kids pencil cases and lunch boxes, now that’s what I call clever!

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  1. 07/01/2011 6:11 pm

    i haven’t heard of those; I’ll look out for them now: cheers 🙂

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