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The aftermath of Christmas


This sorry little lot above is what’s leftover from our Christmas food binge…before you think’ that’s not too bad’ let me tell you we have been clearing up and finishing off since the start of 2011, first the fresh goods in the fridge, then we moved on to the freezer and now I’m left with cupboard goods, a lot of them of various chocolate products – all of which are not helpful to my 2011 diet which should be kicking in any day now with a bit of luck and willpower.

I also have a lot of cheese, different cheeses like Shropshire Blue, smelly, crumbly but utterly delicious, Cheddar with port and an Oak Smoked Cheddar to name a few all bought at the Taste of Christmas fair at Excel in early December so this afternoon these will see the end of their life cycle in the way of a Tarte au fromage, or cheese tart to you and me and that will do for my lunches for the next week or so.

It’s challenging isn’t it? Thinking what to do with a  ton of brussels, how many more ways can you present turkey and secretly polishing off Pringles and dips on the sly when no one’s looking. But with the new Super Me in mind, the one that loses half a stone, tightens up her jelly belly and strolls onto an exotic beach this summer looking like Ursula Andress in the famous Bond film. I must find homes for all this chocolate, some were gifts and shall be regifted out – so if you have a birthday soon, watch out 🙂 Some are half eaten, like the Quality Street box, we’re left with the ones we don’t like so I shall pop them in Paul’s work bag and he and his colleagues can munch on them. The rest, well, if it’s not used by the sell-by date it may have to be binned.

Whilst on the subject of Christmas, hopefully for the last time for a fair long while. I forgot to write about my Secret Santa I received back in December. I know, there is no excuse acceptable in fact I don’t know why I enter these circles as I already know I’m stretched for time and finances but hey, the joy of receiving a gift is just too much for my childish mind and bang goes my name down again on another list. Note To Self – Stop it!

Anyway, I received in the manic rush up to Christmas a Lovely Dove gift set including Visible Effects body lotion, hand cream and a body brush all kept in a really nice gold wash bag which will come in very handy for keeping all my manicure bits together in one place. the creams are lovely and the hand cream especially nutritious for hands like mine – housework hands! I’m not sure who to thank yet because as per usual, I’m doing this all the wrong way round…but whilst we’re on the subject, I thought I’d check up on Worldstores to see when my gift was finally sent. December was snow time remember and I decided to have a look online and order to have it delivered direct. Easy right?

No! Due to my lack of promptness I didn’t order till the 9th (lazy, I know!) and then on the 16th I received an email saying, ‘They’re back in stock and will be shipped out this week.’ So I stopped worrying, I knew the post was bad but so did my receiver in Wednesbury, if it arrived shortly after Crimbo surely she’d understand.

Well, Gordon Bennet, I’ve just ‘tracked online’ and they haven’t even sent it yet!!! I phoned them immediately and got an automated voice telling me to email as they are receiving higher than normal calls…I bet you bloody are. So I have sent them a stinker of an email and hope to get my Mystic Ball whizzed over to Emma asap. I apologise to her in front of the whole blogosphere for my dreadful organisation skills and Worldstores even worse parcel delivery service!!! How could they do this to me? I’m mortified.

Have you had any similar experiences from ordering online? Is traditional High Street shopping the best and only way to make sure your gifts get there on time?

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  1. 11/01/2011 8:40 pm

    Oh my gosh YES !! i send my brother in law a birthday gift in oct. it still has not arrived yet !! Amazing !!

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