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30 Posts of truth – Something you love about yourself


My second post of the 30 posts of truth, please find the first here

Crikey, in the wrong hands this could be a totally mad post, couldn’t it? It’s just the kind of question that allows you to go on and on and on about all your qualities 😀

I’ll be brief ladies and gentlemen, I promise. I laugh as I write as I’m hardly at the Oscars here! The exercise is to find something you love about yourself and I will admit, I’m quite happy being me, I have multiple bad points, ask my other half – he’ll fill you in, but at the point I am now in my life. I’m ok with me and I think it took a long time to get here and a lot of heartache too.

What do I love most about myself? I think it’s a quality that comes from my dad. As a teenager growing up I would see Dad every other weekend as my parents divorced when I was 10. During our time together I would talk about the things that were worrying me in my life and dad would listen and come back with his advice which was always spot on. One thing he taught me was to break the problem down into smaller, more manageable bits, his favourite phrase being ‘We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.’ I have used this advice over and over throughout my life and if there’s one thing I shall shout out about myself is that I will not be put off by problems, sometimes they are hard and so I break them down just like dad taught me too. It works – you should try it.

There is one other thing I’d like to mention as I think it’s important. I love the way I always look for the positive in someone and I think this is really important in our society today. I know many people who are constantly knocking others, celebrities or not, finding something nasty or harmful to say about this person and sometimes when I’m listening I feel as if I’ve been stabbed myself in the gut.

Is it necessary to be so constantly spiteful? Why are these people being so spiteful? Is it to make themselves feel better than that person?

I don’t know but I feel if we’re constantly picking up on the bad in people we can’t evolve and get better as a society as a whole. It’s time we started looking for the good, focusing on it and bringing it out in to the open by praising it, that way people will get better, nicer, happier and we’ll all live happily ever after…or something like that

Oh, and before you disappear, there’s just one more thing that I love about myself and that is I don’t take myself seriously. I’m happy to send myself up in favour of a laugh and I am an easygoing, easy to talk to person who is approachable and nice – well I think so 🙂

What do you love about yourself?

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  1. Alessandra permalink
    08/02/2011 2:02 pm

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes/often don’t like anything about herself!
    There are days when I’d ditch everything about myself: my body, my character, the way I react to things, my being easily upset by people and events, the constant worrying and fretting…
    But I suppose, if I’m honest, amongst the faults there are qualities and things I like about myself: I think I’m a good friend who tries to keep in touch with people and who is loyal, although not perfect! I’m a good listeners, reliable and patient. I tend to forgive people and give another chance (by god help those who break my trust again!). I have a sense of humour and a reasonable intelligence, and I’m interested in lots and lots of things.
    Modest? Yes, that too……

  2. 08/02/2011 9:03 pm

    I totally agree with you on people who are rude and spiteful about celebrities. There’s just no need for it and I think you end up feeling negative yourself the more you do it.

    Your Dad sounds spot on, what a great life skill for him to teach you. I love reading your blog as I really identify with your outlook on life, I wish I could be at peace with myself in the way you are.

    • 09/02/2011 5:17 pm

      I think you will be if you just keep on asking yourself the right questions. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment – it made my day 😀

  3. 15/02/2011 8:21 pm

    You & I are very similar in these ways I think. I’m always saying “let’s cross that bridge when we come to it” & “one thing at a time”; it drives ‘certain people close to me’ slightly nuts as they seem to me to want to solve every problem past, present & future all at once.

    I also see myself as at a postive bloke, although I have quite a low opinion of humanity as whole.

    And I try not to take myself too seriously. Great post!


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